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Top 7 most famous brands for Vietnamese silk fabric and products

Start looking for more information about Vietnamese craft products by exploring about Vietnamese silk fabric products & producing process
is said to be one of the high-class garment materials, famous for its beauty, softness, firmness and coolness. The process of creating it goes through many stages, requires the attention and skill of the maker, so it is very valuable. To avoid being deceived by profiteering speculators selling fake Vietnamese silk and products made from silk, consider the information on 7 trusted brands below.

May silk - from Bao Loc silk

Vietnam silk has always been associated with power and class. It is the epitome of the villages that specialize in Vietnamese silk fabric weaving and has significant national meaning. May Silk, which is based in Bao Loc — Vietnam's silk capital, has designed fashion items with the goal of supporting the growth of this product. The most well-liked products include silk ties, hand-painted, hand-embroidered and plain silk scarves, silk textiles. This is a brand that is respected by businesses, enterprises, and national ministries and agencies, with a delicate, opulent, and incredibly classy look.

Nha Xa silk

Coming from the renowned traditional fabric making village in Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province, Nha Xa Silk is a business that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of products. An assortment of basic, multicolored silk scarves, ties and clothes that are committed to excellence and provenance make up the bulk of this product line. The delicate, natural colors that result from the dyeing procedure in Nha Xa village are the most valuable aspects of this product, together with the fragrance made from natural components. The products made from this Vietnamese silk fabric is frequently used all year round because of its soft, lightweight material, which keeps you cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter.

Golden silk

Recently developed in Hanoi, this company focuses on restoring 2 unique silk lines, formed from silk threads produced by silkworms eating cassava leaves and from hand-painted raw silk threads. The phoenix silk scarf is one of the Golden Silk's most famous product and is based on a highly special phoenix carving dating back to the 17th century. The pattern has been simplified but yet retained beauty, in contrast to the normal elegance and splendor of the phoenix bird pictures. If you desire to own an exquisite product from Vietnamese silk fabric, Golden silk is a perfect choice.

May Handmade

Specializing in selling hand-embroidered silk scarves, masks, diplomatic gifts, etc. this company focuses on employing natural creative processes to produce cutting-edge goods. Their products from Vietnamese silk are highly applicable in daily life. Their packaging is given as much attention as the individual product lines, resulting in the creation of elegant and delicate boxes, bags, and cards that many customers use as gifts for their loved ones or business partners. The ideal and deserving gift for the woman we respect and adore is an item made from Vietnamese silk fabric.

Ba Minh Silk

Goods made from , including high-end silk scarves, face towels, and traditional embroidered handkerchiefs, are this brand's specialty. They are high-quality products that have been carefully chosen and woven, just like in traditional craft town and villages. Ba Minh Silk helps make silk products more accessible to daily life with its variety of rich designs, colors, and textures. Vietnamese silk fabric's suppleness, brilliance, lightness, durability, and lovely, organic gloss give you a regal, alluring elegance. When you visit Ba Minh Silk, you will also be advised and given a thorough explanation of each item so that you know exactly what you need to purchase.


100% pure silk is the only product line that Silky Vietnam selects for its business, and it is produced in a way that does not hurt the environment. The silk products are made in the Lam Dong Province city of Bao Loc, is woven to Japanese specifications, and is naturally coloured there. Silky guarantees that all of its goods are made from genuine Vietnamese silk fabric, healthy, free of chemicals and completely eco-friendly. Customers can also order gift boxes and cards from Silky, which elevate the value of any product made from silk in Vietnam by making it appear more elegant and opulent.


Been in business since 2018, DeSilk standouts for its lovely designs that are motivated by ancient crafts from the East. According to Western eyes, their items have decoded and reproduced the heritage of the craft with more current, sophisticated styling by integrating aspects that are related to nature. Desilk's products are made from authentic Vietnamese silk fabric and ooze luxury, even the packaging demonstrates care. Desilk is also knwon out for its dedicated customer service, innovative designs, and meticulous manufacturing processes. Each Vietnam silk garment is produced in a high-tech facility before being machined and finished by the industry's best craftsmen.
Silk in Vietnam is a favored fabric in clothing production, especially by women while making ao dai because of its soft, smooth, light and beautiful sheen. But to find the address to buy beautiful and prestigious silk, as well as silk products is the concern of many people, particularly foreigners coming to this country for the first time. Through the above article, you must have known more about Vietnamese silk fabric, the products made from it and reliable places where you can buy it.
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