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November 2022

Docs for human-centered habits.
Between to-do lists and status meetings, building genuine relationships with teammates can feel like an added layer of work. This month, we’re leaning into docs that help us move forward and connect with the people behind the progress. Here are some of our favorites that keep the human element of our digital relationships front-and-center.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
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by Lane Shackleton, Head of Product & Design at Coda

From Alex, Data: One of my favorite in-office activities used to be the mid-morning coffee stroll, learning about colleagues and the problems they’re chewing on. But I haven’t found a way to replicate this via Zoom, and working relationships feel much more transactional. Lane’s doc offers a framework for breaking through the digital divide and a template with tools to sustain those connections for both personal and professional success.



by Product School

From Elva, Product design: In my role, I’ve found it helpful to remember that even if you use certain products, you can’t possibly be every type of user. That’s when persona development comes into play, as they give everyone on your team—PMs, designers, engineers, marketing, etc.—a shared understanding and constant reminder of your actual user base. This template from the Product School is a great starting point for building personas with real data and an emphasis on empathy.




From Bekah, Customers: Effective teamwork requires the shared trust, vision, and integrity that stems from strong relationships. Easier said than done. Sprint Valley wants to help build better teams, and equip them with the tools to strengthen their processes from within. By outlining three interactive sessions, this doc does the heavy lifting so you can focus on connections instead of doc building.

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Trends in what’s trending.

Keep people at the forefront of your processes, with these five docs from the Gallery.
: Get a better idea of what drives the individuals on your team.
: Tactics to scale your startups.
: Four challenge-specific ways to plan your projects.
: Examples, tools, and templates for demystifying difficult decisions.
: Key insights from people leaders in the tech community.

Drag and drop.

A set of templates to improve collaboration with the humans behind the Zoom squares.
: For when you miss those IRL water cooler chats.
: Build human-centered habits into your weekly syncs.
: Get one step closer to a common goal with this structured, interactive brief.
: Let your technology do your polite pestering for you.
: A simple way to facilitate a safe feedback space.

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