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Thanksgiving Meal Planner

Use this doc to keep track of all the dishes, chefs and kitchen resources that go into a Thanksgiving meal. Then, consolidate ingredients into a single grocery list. Also works well for Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Passover and other feast occasions.
Whether it's one person or a whole crew of loved ones in the kitchen, planning out your Thanksgiving dinner can make the path towards a glorious meal much less stressful.

Template origin story

This template emerged 2 years ago when my cousins and I decided that it was time for us to take on the cooking responsibilities from the older generation. Many of us were flying in late Wednesday night or even Thursday so we needed to make sure that all our groceries were bought ahead of time.

Best practices for collaborative cooking

Simple, tried and true dishes are awesome. Not every dish has to be complicated or a cutting edge trend.
Let everyone who wants to own a dish, own at least one.
Each dish has a primary chef. The primary chef is responsible for planning the dish and is the final decision maker for dish related decisions.
Welcome sous chefs and dishwashers! They are the best!

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