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House Vigram (VIG-rum)
In gold, a rider bestride the ouroboros, on a field
"Mastery of Beast is Mastery of Self"
The Vigram are known as haughty warrior-aristocrats, being of note at times for their striking charisma and at others for either their stand-offishness or boorish behavior. Their personal smiths maintain the finest stock of steel from which they forge their legendary talwar blades that slice through sheet metal. The sons and daughters of House Vigram are taught to ride the domesticated alien wildlife, and notably the house is credited with first domesticating the Laden. Additionally, the Vigram field a cavalry regiment out in the mists of Adreinn.
Those who serve the Vigram can expect high-handedness and some capricious retribution, but also the potential for intense comradery and massive reward - all so long as strict loyalty is maintained. The Vigram train their vassals in close combat and in controlling the beasts of Adreinn.
Some big names in House Vigram:
-the Gran Doyen, Alistair Vigram, 75, famously stern and reserved, and out of touch. Alistair does poorly with ambiguity and had prepared for a life as a marshal at the side of his more talented younger brother, Sarvas. However, when Sarvas was murdered at the start of the Romaersk Uprising, Alistair gained respect for crushing the insurrectionists and bringing order to Tellus Athera. In the twenty years since though, the people have seen his flaws and mismanagement, including the current Geiss crisis.
-The Gran Marshal, Orlandris Vigram, 38, Alistair's favored nephew, a former cavalry commander, is popular for his good looks and rousing speeches promoting the role of the military, ever the poor cousin to the Harvs, in protecting the city. His carousing is the stuff of legends - and of much gossip.
-Matron of the Hearth, Carmen Vigram, 63, the younger sister of Alistair, Carmen owns the title of the House and is generally thought of as a witty and fair-minded foil for her brother.
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