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Humans need Geiss to survive on Adreinn. Geiss is the sap of the Gaia Tyrannica and is generally collected from exposed roots or dying blossoms. The roots and blossoms must be boiled down and reduced to produce the amber-colored liquid Geiss, which is either stored in large pressurized tanks or small glass ampules.
Residents of Tellus Athera receive an aerosolized version of Geiss that allows them to survive day to day with minimal interference to their cognition. In the furnaces of Tellus Athera, Geiss is vaporized and contained in pressurized canisters which are nearly continuously fed into the air supply of the city. This method requires frequent refreshing. After an hour of exposure with no Geiss, one becomes lethargic, death occurs after 2 further hours without Geiss. No negative side effects are associated with inhaling aerosolized Geiss.
Harvesters and other Tellus residents who range outside of the city must refresh their personal breathing apparatuses with ampules of Geiss - each ampule provides sufficient Geiss for 12 hours.

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