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House Bayathan (BAY-ath-an)
An orange eight-pointed star on a white field
"Intention is Action"
Equally as aristocratic as the Vigram, but known for their care for justice for the common man, the Bayathan are generally looked up to as philosopher-kings, wise if not entirely accessible. The Bayathans have boasted the greatest number of Gran Doyens of any family. The Bayathan put a high premium on meditation and mindfulness. Those who train in their techniques are given the house's famous Nerve Tattoos which allow for incredibly precise and fast action to be accomplished by the body with the direction of simple, clear thought. The famed Glaiveir Guard use their polearms with deadly precision honed by nerve tattoos.
Those who serve the Bayathan will find caring though disciplined masters. The Bayathan are strict in their morality and though all who serve them are well taken care of, they do not spoil favorite vassals as some Stewards do. The Bayathan train their vassals in the use of reach weapons and allow them to receive the sacred nerve tattoos.
Some big names in House Bayathan:
-Gran Cote, Minalaya Bayathan, 78, serene and impressive, the old Gran Cote is viewed as a bedrock of Alistair's regime, she has been beloved by the people ever since the murder of her sister, Irini. and her merciful attempts to stop the massacres of the Romaersk Uprising that followed. Additionally, she operates a spy network that gives her hears in nearly every corner of the city.
-Adjudicator Junora Bayathan, 28, daughter of Irini Bayathan who rose to become one of the youngest Adjudicators in the history of the cult of Nefrittiti. She is one of the most influential Nefrititians, combining her sympathetic lineage with impressive accomplishments, including successfully prosecuting a major Councilor for corruption before becoming an Adjudicator.
-Marshal of the Northeastern Reach, Lai Bayathan, 42, The Occluded Warrior. Severely injured in the blast that killed Sarvas Vigram, Lai nonetheless rose a week later, bandaged head to toe to lead the final bloody sack of the Romaersk Tower. Still in his bandages to this day, Lai commands Tellus' farthest flung northern outpost against the powerful tribes that live beyond the Near Ring.
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