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House Magner (MAG-nurr)
black bear striding atop a black gear on a field of yellow
"Dreams of Glory, Works of Humility"
The Magner are fascinated with machinery - particularly with respect to speed. They believe stewards are duty-bound, as the rightful lords and protectors of the city, to learn about machines and emphasize practical education, however, the Magners are also famed for their disdain of commoners, even as many prosper in their employ. Magners are thought to be blunt, competent, and condescending. Their mechanical prowess has given them the ability to produce the coveted Magner Auto-Rotating Gun (MARG), which fires at a rate unheard of for long guns. A regiment of men armed with these guns and customized rigs, the Husserites, are House Magner's pride.
Service to the Magners can be rewarding, but will inevitably be frustrating. The Magner will use their vassals to test equipment, but they will reward and arm them well to do it. While the Magners shed few tears over dead commoners, those that serve them and Tellus Athera well, can expect to be well compensated.
Some big names in House Magner:
-Gran Inspector, Ella Magner, 49, an ex-Welter pilot, Ella lost her left arm and leg after her rig malfunctioned in a fire fight and was reduced to a burning wreck. However, Ella's comrades dragged her from her rig, cryopunched her, and evacuated her to Tellus Athera. It was later discovered that the malfunction was due to substandard parts from Council-controlled manufactories. When she recovered and with the aid of advanced prosthetic limbs, Ella dedicated herself to fighting corruption as an Inspector in the Constabulary. She succeeded her father, Carnith, who resigned in disgrace after being implicated in Junora Bayathan's famed corruption case. Ella, however, bore Junora no resentment and began methodically working to go after those of her father's former partners in crime who had escaped prosecution with a single-minded iron will.
-Chief Engineer, Kwesi Magner, 23, a brilliant engineering talent, Kwesi considers his work for the city to be of utmost importance - which it is. He has openly hinted at being an Incarnation of Li Bai, a level of arrogance that is only tolerated due to his youth and unmistakable good results. Yet even a master engineer of this age is dwarfed under the weight of decay in Tellus Athera.
-Governor-General of the Northeastern Mag-Lev Consortium Hortensia Magner, 34, the talk of the Burj, an electric personality and aristocratic grace among a stuffy collection of unfashionable dresses and untrimmed beards. While the financial minds of the Burj pride themselves as common folk using their wits to gain a fortune rather than having it given at birth, the highest rungs of the Burj know that fortune is tied to who one is friendly with, and Hortensia, for all her aristocratic disdain, is friends with all the people that make one rich.
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