RULES v1.3

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As PCs adventure, they will have the chance to level up, improving their hitpoints and ability scores. To level up, characters must accrue 20 experience points (XP). When undertaking a quest or job, successful completion of that mission will net players between 5-10 XP, depending on how difficult the task is. Additional XP are always on offer for completing side-tasks, accomplishing arcs of personal growth and character development, and for discovering loot and special items. Once a PC earns 20 XP they gain a new level, up to level 10. Each time a character gains a new level three things happen:
The character rerolls their hit points. To do this, roll d8’s equal to your new level e.g. a newly level 3 character would roll 3d8. The sum of these dice are your new hitpoints. If your total hit points would be lower than your previous total, you instead add 1 to your old total to gain your new total.
You may improve your bonus by 1 for 3 ability scores, up to a maximum of +10 in any given ability
You may select an available Talent (Talents are covered after Combat)

If a character that is level 10 accrues 20 XP, then that character retires from adventuring. They have achieved great renown and will become a powerful NPC, as the retiring character’s player and the Guide determine. Not many who adventure so far into the depths of Adreinn live to tell the tale, so the player should feel free to force the rest of the party and Guide to listen to a heavily exaggerated war story, then roll up a new level 1 character.

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