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House Sakara (saw-kar-ah)
A red cross on a white field with a black in each quadrant
"Memory is set in Bone"
The Sakara are among the most mystical of the Stewards, and are viewed with respect and not a little fear. They are famous healers - boasting the greater of the two hospitals in Tellus Athera within their tower. However, the Sakara are also great poisoners. Enemies of the Sakara are said to be as good as dead once a Sakara utters the Fateful Word - no food or drink would again be safe. The Sakara headed the last great dynasty of Tellus Athera, beginning nearly 100 years ago and ending just over 40 years ago. The Sakara are traditionally closely linked to house Bayathan.
Service to House Sakara is a commitment to a serious bond including elaborate fealty rituals where obedience is expected until independence is earned. Worthy vassals can achieve great talent and power in service to the Sakara, though of course the heights are reserved for the close family. The Sakara train their vassals in healing arts and familiarity with the flora of Adreinn to aid in poison-making.
Some big names in House Sakara:
-Gran Magister Jojin Sakara, 55, an unorthodox Sakara, Jojin is a Nefrititian and while he enjoys intoxicants, he has fewer mystical inclinations than are typical of his family. He is fundamentally hedonistic and amiable, but has a sharp legal mind and a famous dedication for pursuing points of pride. As Gran Magister, he is the Gran Doyen's man on the Council, with all the baggage that entails.
-Huda Sakara "the Witch-Surgeon", 72, The head of the Sakara tower hospital, Huda is the most famous physician in Tellus Athera, and acts as personal physician to the Gran Doyen when required. She is brilliant, though highly unorthodox and ill-suited to polite society, she speaks scathingly to most and loudly, espousing worship of gods invented out on the surface of Adreinn by savage tribes as superior to the Gods of Earth.
-Harvester Marshal, Atrax Sakara, 34, possibly the most beloved individual in Tellus Athera, Atrax Sakara is the strapping overall commander of the Harvs, leading the field operations to save Tellus Athera. He followed his grandmother Huda's footsteps and became a Harv ranger, travelling deep into tribal lands. Though instead of quitting and becoming a surgeon, he stayed with the Harvs, becoming an ace Welter pilot before rising up the ranks. In the first weeks of the emergency operation, Atrax has massively increased Geiss output, though he has lost many new recruits already.
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