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House Romaersk (Row - MARE - sk)
A black, horizontally mirrored falcon's head on a white field
"Foul Honesty is Fair Company"
The Romaersk are a fallen house, destroyed by the ambitions of their benighted heir, Anatoli, or perhaps by convenient framing by their mortal enemies, the Vigram. Whatever the real story, when the blast outside the temple of Marilynn killed Sarvas Vigram, the floodgates were opened and the might of their enemies was too great - their tower was sacked and nearly every Romaersk was killed, and those who were not killed had their eyes put out and tatooed over with the Romaersk double-falcon as permanent marking for their betrayal. A few remnants live among the ghosts in the tower, but what is left of the family mostly operates from a makeshift compound in the sprawl. It is thought that those in the tower seek to preserve the great wealth of knowledge of optics stored there - specialized modifications to improve vision and hand-eye-coordination, and the trademark weapon of the Romaersk - the Vetruvian Rifle - a weapon that reads the biometrics of its user, molding to account for their body.
The Romaersk have few followers any more, maybe a few from the good old days and perhaps some ambitious sprawl-dwellers. Service might net the vassal some underworld connections and contraband tech.
Some big names in House Romaersk:
-Councilor Eliza Romaersk (elected), 38, Eliza was a teenager during the rebellion, and a student at the Baitian College. She has since disavowed her family and has taken up politics in her own sprawl, winning at seat on the Council with her charismatic displays, and attention to the problems of her people.
-Patriarch of the House, Soren Romaersk, 26, a mere child when his family was slaughtered, Soren was one of the few Romaersk spared. Soren rarely leaves the tower, and yet was announced patriarch unanimously by the remaining Romaersk several years ago. He is handsome, but brooding.
-Archaka Kortas Romaersk, 45, a soldier outside the city when the rebellion broke out, Kortas waited the fighting out in a brig. While he was not slaughtered, his service was ended, so he did as many lost soldiers do, and joined the cult of Temujin. Regaining his footing serving the Lord of War, Kortas became a strong proponent of the military, perhaps partially in hopes he may one day be allowed a commission before he grows too old.
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