RULES v1.3

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Three steps to downtime:
Choose Lifestyle for the next 100 cycles or so (affects your next session)
Spend rest units on activities
Resolve any lingering effects and operate establishments and hirelings

Lifestyles each have a cost, this cost covers your lifestyle for this downtime period and your next adventure. Lifestyle can be changed after each adventure, though maintaining a certain lifestyle for several consecutive levels can confer benefits. Cost is an upfront cost in Doyen to pay for all the other aspects of the lifestyle. Dress options are guidelines to determine what your non-mechanically relevant clothes look like. Home and decor determine where in Tellus Athera you are currently residing, and how secure a place you have as well as your storage capacity - that is, how many item slots worth of items you can save without taking with you to your next session of play. If you downsize and no longer can account for all your items between your residence yourself (and any hideouts you have), you will have to sell excess items or lose them.
Cost: DY0
Dress options: Rags, castoff coveralls, no shoes
Home & decor: No permanent home, access to crowded shelters, must carry all possessions or hide them between jobs
Purchasing power: Nothing, everything additional must be bought in-game. Additionally, you must make a point to eat during session or become undernourished (-2 MIGHT, -2 ENDURANCE)
-Op Drone
Cost: DY20
Dress options: mass produced coveralls and wrappings/saris/robes, sandals
Home & decor: A one-room shanty in the burroughs with simple cookware and a cot. 20 UNITS STORAGE.
Purchasing power: Nothing, but at least you are fed.
-Undercity Hustler
Cost: DY50
Dress options: Thatcher-made polyester clothing with stylish flourishes, one eye-catching item, maybe a matte black doublet over a crimson silk duelist’s shirt with polyester pantaloons, samurai headband with a local Councilman’s emblem or purple cavalier’s hat.
Home & decor: boroughs flophouse. 30 UNITS STORAGE.
Purchasing power: your limited budget is mostly going to clothes and hobbies that keep you in the loop socially, so additional purchases are on you.
-Tech / Aesthete
Cost: DY100, free if you have a Rite with any priesthood
Dress options: you wear coveralls (or vestments) to work and decent but simple Thatcher-made leisure wear: a cotton kurta, basic denim or polyester pants and jacket.
Home & decor: You live in a modest apartment in one of the towers or perhaps an intentional community in the sprawl. 100 UNITS STORAGE.
Purchasing power: you can assume that a modest hobby, basic meal out, a cover charge, or a round of bargain Nectrol is within your budget (if you indulge in such things).
-Borough Bohemian
Cost: DY250
Dress options: Your clothes are Thatcher-made and attention-getting. The latest styles mixing rough hide vests with flowing silk, trending toward either an imagined frontier or far future aesthetic, or both.
Home & decor: You live in the sprawl intentionally, either in a palatial apartment in an obscure corner or in a loft among the dense snarl of apartments near the temple of Marilynn and the art scene of the Tethering district. You can host social gatherings in your home. You may hire 1 servant. 250 UNITS STORAGE.
Purchasing power: you live well, nectrol and food flows, though you are certainly not made of money and must find ways to scrimp in particularly fancy circumstances.
-Foreman Formal
Cost: DY1000
Dress options: Your dress is austere but finely made, this is the lifestyle of the successful Burjer, engineer, or technical manager.
Home & decor: You live in a well-appointed apartment in one of the towers. You likely have live in staff. You can host social gatherings in your home. You may hire up to 5 servants. 500 UNITS STORAGE.
Purchasing power:
-Bone Patrón
Cost: DY10,000 STAKE 50,000 500 per session (stake mechanic WIP)
Dress options: Whether the black robes and human bones of Karalea or the psychedelic vestments of a tea-drunk financier, these are the highest reaches a commoner may likely aspire to.
Home & decor: You live in a massive apartment suite in the towers or in a multi-building complex in the sprawl. You can host social gatherings in your home. You may hire up to 25 servants. 10,000 UNITS STORAGE
Purchasing power:
-Lesser Splendor
Cost: DY25,000
Dress options: You wear the silks and finery of the Stewards, you must be a trusted confidant of a Steward or one of the blood yourself to live in such an ostentatious manner.
Home & decor: Your manse covers an entire floor of one of the Towers. You can host social gatherings in your home. You may hire up to 100 servants. 100,000 UNITS STORAGE
Purchasing power: You can assume away any expensive save for major rare artifacts.
-Delicious Majesty (Envy of Gran Doyen)
Cost: DY100,000
Dress options: Only those at the commanding heights of Tellus Athera could dream to live as you do, and only perhaps three dozen live so now.
Home & decor: You command a palatial estate in the Upper City. You can host social gatherings in your home. You may hire up to 250 servants. Storage is not an issue.
Purchasing power: The city bends to your whims.

unit: Generally assume 4 ‘rest units’ per break. REST QUARTER RQ
Broad categories include HEALING (getting over trauma and addiction), INVENTING (tinkering with enigmas and crafting mundane creations), INVESTING (buying new equipment and selling treasure, and managing capital), and LIVING (working your day-job and spending time in society).


-Healing DAMAGED wound (costs 1 rest unit):
recovering from a wound sustained on an adventure, free in public care.
-Ensure that poorly set DAMAGED wounds do not result in permanent disfigurement by paying DY500 to recover in a Sakara Tower recovery pod.
-Healing MANGLED wound(costs 2 rest units):
recovering from a MANGLED wound takes further rest.
-You can cut the rest time in half by paying DY500 to recover in a Sakara Tower recovery pod, the disfigurement is unavoidable, though.
-Detox (costs 1 rest unit):
Isolate yourself to reduce your dependence on Nectrol. Make an ENDURANCE save, if successful, reduce your addiction level by 1, on a failure you relapse and do not reduce your dependence.
-Pay DY200 for medication assisted treatment, giving you advantage on your ENDURANCE save.


-Investigate Enigmas(costs 1 rest unit):
-Pay an Enigmatist DY50xLevel to automatically identify an Enigma
-Rent an Enigma Workshop for DY100: using the bench in the workshop roll a d20 on the Enigma Investigation table and add your INQUIRY
-If you are a member of the Burj, you may pay an additional DY100 to rent a Premiere Atelier and add +3 to your roll.
-you may purchase and consume Halite tea for DY200. This confers Advantage to your Enigma Investigation roll. This gives you +5% chance on a Madness roll, which you must take and then resolve in your next session. If you are a member of the Chowk City Tea Society, you can get the Halite for free.
-If you are a member of Horizon Inquess, add +2 to your roll for your access to the order’s extensive library.
Investigation Table
0-4 Failure! Nothing comes of it
5-15 One breakthrough
16-19 Two breakthroughs
20-24 Three breakthroughs
25-30 Four breakthroughs
30-34 Five breakthroughs
35 Six breakthroughs
-You may use a breakthrough to ID an unidentified Enigma.
-You may use a breakthrough to OPERATIONALIZE a DISASSEMBLED Enigma you are TINKERING with.
-You may use a breakthrough to DISASSEMBLE an Enigma, allowing you to begin TINKERING with it. Once disassembled, an enigma cannot be used until a breakthrough is taken to OPERATIONALIZE it. Upon being DISASSEMBLED, an enigma has no inherent characteristics until they are added by TINKERING. In other words, disassembling an enigma makes it a blank slate to add effects onto (except with respect to Capacity Gaps and Incidental Flourishes, discussed below in detail).
-You may use a breakthrough to TINKER, rolling on the effects charts and then adding an effect to a disassembled enigma of your choice in your possession. If you do not possess a disassembled enigma that can take the effect you roll, the effect is lost. When you TINKER, you may either select a category of effect or roll to determine the category. Then, roll within the category to determine the effect. IF you choose to roll to select your category, you may roll twice on the specific effect roll and choose which you prefer. Guidelines for the effects are left purposefully broad, players should be creative and flavorful in coming up with the specifics of enigmas - though of course final approval for use always comes from the Guide.
Categories (d4)
1 Fundamental Effects. These are the primary purpose of the Enigma; a status effect is created, a condition is imposed, etc. Each Enigma can have 1 Fundamental Effect.
2 Secondary Effects. Weaker in strength than primary effects; layer over the fundamental effect. Adding a Secondary Effect increases the level of the Enigma by 1; each Enigma can have 1 Secondary Effect.
3 Parametric Adjustments. Expand the scope, strength, and reach of the Enigma’s Fundamental or Secondary Effects. Adding a parametric adjustment increases the level of the Enigma by 1.
4 Capacity Gap. Capacity gaps are limitations and breakages discovered or created by TINKERING with the Enigma. While the performance of the Enigma will be lessened, having to recreate a fundamental part of the Enigma makes it easier to operate. Adding a Capacity Gap decreases the level of the Enigma by 1. If discovered, capacity gaps MUST be added to a disassembled Enigma at hand. If a player has no disassembled enigmas currently above first level, save the gap and apply it as soon as
Fundamental Effects (d4):
1 Reactive. This Enigma is used only as a Reaction to an enemy’s action. The target and duration of effect can match any of the following three of your choice, but as a reaction rather than action.
2 Targeted, External. This effect has a target that is not the Enigma’s user. If there is a specific target, the effect should be the equivalent of 4HD, a 4 point ability swing, or a strong utility/disutility such as invisibility or blindness, effects should last 1 minute or be ended/avoided with a standard action or baseline save. Area effects should be limited to 20ft radii and be about half as powerful as a singly focused alternative.
3 targeted internal. This effect is targeted at the Enigma user (and potentially those surrounding the user). The power guidelines are the same as the externally targeted effect.
4 general environmental. These broader Enigmas affect a larger area such as “a house” or “a small forest” and impose some kind of advantage for the user’s allies or disadvantage for their enemies. This effect might involve the senses or mental state or generate mild atmospheric impairments.
Secondary Effects (d4):
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