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House Hailu (Hi - loo)
A crimson tiger rampant on a emerald field
"The Mind Hunts"
The Hailu are hunters. Their calling is to find that which is larger and more powerful than them and to claim it as a prize. They are prideful and stubborn but extremely hardy. They provide an outsized number of Harvs and other sorts who spend their time beyond the walls. The Hailu take care to learn the threats of the fauna of Adreinn, but their hunting extends also to mechanical prey - specifically the rigs of raiders and the dreaded Reclaimers. The Hailu construct specialized Launchers that allow them to range deep into the heart of Adreinn, and still have the firepower to hunt an armored enemy.
Service to the Hailu does not carry the money or glory of service to the more powerful houses, and it requires great bravery as vassals must prove their prowess as hunters. However, the Hailu have a great many secrets to teach about the nature of Adreinn and the weapons that allow them to be feared among the frightening.
Some big names in House Hailu:
-Marshal of the Tellus Athera Garrison, Saturna Hailu, 35, a recent war hero just returned from a conflict with the coastal valley tribes, Saturna is loud, bold, and loved by her troops. She stews in her post as commander of the dysfunctional home garrison, a backwater with no chance for glory, while the sons of Solephin and Bayathan fail to win decisive victory in the field.
-Ranger-General of the Harvesters, Donegal Hailu, 27, as a child, Donegal was as vivacious as her sister, earning prestige as a Harvester and serving as Atrax Sakara's right hand woman when he commanded the Harv rangers, the elite Geiss-finders. She returned from that tour muted, and while Atrax promoted Donegal to Ranger-General when he was put in charge of the Harvs, they are not often seen together.
-Lord of Brew, Bonhomme Hailu, 81, The grand old man of the Hailus, Bonhomme is a famed mystic, running the Chowk City Tea Society, the exclusive club of aficionados of Chrysalid Tea - seers and gentlemen-occultists.
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