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House Pharon (Fare - on)
A golden torch atop a golden lambda on a purple field.
"Man is His Works"
The Pharon are unique, and until the Romaersk had their fall from grace, were considered the odd ones out among the Steward families. This uneasiness likely dates back to the many Pharon who betrayed Tellus Athera to back the Reclaimers during their schism 200 years ago. The Pharon are pure, all have the piercing blue eyes - they have only bred with those who test near perfect DNA matches to the original Stewards, they are few and their bodies are malformed, but the biomechanical genius of their ancient ancestor has allowed the Pharon to pass down a level of cybernetic technology that surpasses the simple robot prosthetics afforded to most of the well-to-do of Tellus Athera. The Pharon are born weak and deformed but they construct for themselves bodies that reinforce their spines with titanium and their minds with super-computers. The Pharon are powerful individually, some god-like even, but they are few and mistrusted by the other families. Some Pharon are feared as abnormal by the superstitious citizens of Tellus, but other Pharons manage to parlay their unique abilities to acclaim or even near-worship.
Commoners who serve the Pharons tend to be young and vulnerable, looking up to a particular Pharon as a protector and role model, or even quasi-deity. Commoners who serve their masters well are rewarded with custom manufactured biomechanical modifications of their own. Pharons and their servitors often seek to gain prestige for their house enlisting or serving some civic cause.
Some big names in House Pharon:
Chief Warpriest, Hasper "Heart-of-Atom" Pharon, 31, Kept alive by a rig engine inserted in his chest, Hasper is nearly entirely mechanical, and a fervent leader among the Harvs. Having survived catastrophic wounds and dismemberments and slain hundreds of foes with his bare hands and arc-emitting chest, no man strikes as much fear into the hearts of the tribal enemies of Tellus Athera as Heart-of-Atom.
Keeper Nora "Iron Jaw" Pharon, 62, an old, tired warrior, the personal guard of the leader of the Romaersk Rebellion, Anatoli Romaersk, Nora surrendered once the -Romaersk were driven from the Doyorum, back to their tower. Rather than be executed for treason, Nora pleaded that she had been convinced Anatoli Romaersk was an Incarnation of The Prophet. The High Archaka of The Prophet, Peter the Incredulous, applied his eponymous scrutiny and accepted Nora as a Keeper, one who would both search for, and disprove, new incarnations of The Prophet.
Patriarch of the House, Nestor "Memory" Pharon, 209, not seen in public for a generation, Nestor lives deep in the confines of Pharon tower, kept alive seemingly indefinitely but medically restricted to his inner sanctum.
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