RULES v1.3

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There are six abilities in Adreinn, each with an important role in keeping you alive and helping you to achieve fame, meaning, and wealth. PCs have a BONUS score for each ability, between 1 and 10, which indicates what is added to dice rolls that PC makes with a given ability. NPCs have a STATIC for each ability, a number generally between 11 and 20, which is what must be rolled against by a PC trying to overcome or resist that NPC, thus rolls are always done by the players themselves.
To generate your character’s scores, roll 3d6 for each ability, in order, and write down the lowest number - this is your BONUS. E.g. you roll 3d6 and get 2, 5, and 5 - you record your Might bonus as 2 and you go on to rolling Balance. Once you have ascertained all of your bonuses, you may swap one with another. (One Stat swap total)
MIGHT - stands in for general athletic fitness and raw power. Add this bonus to melee and thrown weapon attacks, as well as athletic feats and attempts to intimidate.
BALANCE - represents a character’s agility, coordination, and fine motor skills. It is used for saves related to reflexes, stealth, difficult movement, and sleight of hand.
ENDURANCE - represents toughness and perseverance. It determines the rate at which characters heal, their resistance to the elements and poisons, as well as carrying capacity.
INQUIRY - is the ability to learn and apply knowledge. It determines a character’s understanding of the high tech enigmas, general technical proficiency, academic knowledge, and recall.
PERCEPTION - is awareness and intuition. It is added as a bonus to ranged weapon attacks, helps with spatial and social understanding, and measures mental toughness.
MANNER - is both the social intelligence and likeability of a character. This bonus is added to attempts to persuade, inspire, deceive, or barter with NPCs, as well as a character’s affinity with animals. This bonus is the number of NPC followers a character may have.

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