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A Talent is a particular knack or skill that a character has harnessed over the course of their adventuring career, often conferring a title or epithet such as ‘the strong’ or ‘quickest gun in the wild’. Some backgrounds confer Talents, but all characters receive them each time they level up. There are a series of ‘basic Talents’ available to all characters at all times. However, these basic Talents form just the beginnings of trees of related Talents, most of which need to be unlocked through the favor or tutelage of some organization. Organizations give out rites which are the means by which characters access these Talents. Rites are usually given out for services rendered to an organization or strong support for that organization’s goals.

Marksman Stance (long guns) +1 to hit with long guns if not moving
Field Medic advantage on all rolls to stabilize or set injuries.
On Point advantage on Initiative in first round and +2 to physical PERCEPTION checks
Duelist +1 to Hit and +1 to Damage (melee)*
Great Arm +1 to thrown weapon attacks and reduces drift magnitude roll for grenades to a d6
Gunslinger +1 on handgun attacks
Inspirational advantage to MANNER checks related to oration and on rally checks
Liar, Liar +2 On MANNER checks anytime the character is lying. +2 on PERCEPTION checks when detecting other’s deceit.
Charger can make a melee attack at the end of a double movement, however, if charging an enemy with a reach weapon, that character can make an attack of opportunity at +2 to hit against the charging character.
Cleave if you kill an opponent in melee combat you can immediately make another melee attack against another adjacent opponent - only one more attack allowed per round
Machine-Sense +2 to all saves to repair mechanical equipment
Curious +2 to INQUIRY rolls to identify Enigmas or other objects
Hard to kill +2 hitpoints at each level, automatically stabilize when critically wounded rather than bleeding out

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