RULES v1.3

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Gameplay in Adreinn occurs at three levels of abstraction, suitable to different situations.
The first, most abstract, level is the traveling and social level. At this level, players will refer to maps, either the map of the settlement they are in, or the overland hex map if they are in the wild. Locations and individuals will be described by the Guide with occasional visual aids. Overland travel between hexes takes 4 hours at an average pace, while transit within settlements will depend on the size and density of the settlement.
The second level is the exploration level. The exploration level focuses on PCs investigating ruins, delving through caves and Geiss rings, or exploring alien and technological wonders. This level will take place either with visual aids or on a grid with movements to scale. In an exploration round, a PC may investigate something in the room they are in, search for secret passages, attempt to open blocked entryways or caches of treasure, or carefully advance through a location. The exploration round lasts 10 minutes - time exploring adds up - sources of light burn down and the denizens of secret places are more likely to take notice of trespassers, so beware!
Finally, the third, most concrete level is combat. When the PCs run into hostile NPCs, these fights are resolved on a grid using measurements for movements and weapon ranges. While in combat, PCs have a movement speed of 30 ft. per turn, unless aided or hindered in some way. The full rules for combat are presented below.

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