Coda for educators

Being an educator means multi-tasking even when money, time, and the universe are pulling against you. Coda is the affordable all-in-one doc built for collaboration, planning, and engagement so you’ll never have to go anywhere else to cross off those to-dos.

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Take a peek inside.

A set of building blocks to de-stress your school year.

Put recurring tasks on autopilot.

Personalized views

Visualize information however you, or your collaborators, want.

Connected tables

Work with updated information, always.

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The streamlined way to plan.

Raise your hand if you’re outlining lesson plans and course content across multiple docs, spreadsheets, calendars, and PDFs. With Coda, you have a single, searchable home base for all your projects, making planning and work easier to manage.
Lesson planner built in Coda - a hub for lesson planning and ideas.
Interactive Q&A built in Coda - enables students to ask questions, vote on the questions they want answered, and get answers async.

Education is collaborative. So is Coda.

Share docs with educators to jam on research and team teaching. Invite colleagues to provide feedback on proposed curricula and educational standards. Have students review the syllabus and sign up for office hours in one place.

Stay on track all school year long.

Juggling requests from students, teachers, and administrators—on top of your day-to-day responsibilities—is a full-time job on its own. Capture dependencies, details, and due dates for all of your to-dos in one place, and prioritize accordingly.
Task tracker built in Coda - shows the task, its details, and progress.
As an athletic administrator, we have used Coda to track our student-athletes better...It has allowed us to share information on our rosters with other constituencies on campus. The visual helps us to communicate and inform a lot of different stakeholders in our athletic department.
Matthew G
Director of Athletics at SUNY Morrisville

Your favorite tools work great in Coda.

Bring the tools you love into Coda with Packs, add-ons that supercharge your docs. Use the Dropbox Pack to keep legacy work, PDFs, permission slips, etc. in your file storage system of choice, and neatly organized in a Coda table. Or add the Calendly Pack to make it easier for students to schedule time with you. With Packs, you can expand the scope of what’s possible with each of your docs.

Coda is a leader in 10 different software categories thanks to our reviewers.

Come for the knowledge management solutions. Stay for the flexibility of an all-in-one doc that does much more.
Enterprise 2022
S22 Leader Small Biz
S22 Enterprise High Performer
S22 Momentum Leader

Templates: Your running start.

Our Gallery is a library of inspiring docs that you can copy and make your own.
Digital Teaching Toolkit
Tools made to make your life easier when teaching a class or workshop.
Post-Secondary Curriculum Builder
Everything you need to plan and design the implementation of your next curriculum.
Academic research organizer (APA)
Your one-stop shop for for research organization!
Stuart Weir
Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine
I still find it surreal how Coda made it possible for us to go from having an idea to helping real students at Long Beach in a matter of weeks, and how it then empowered our team to rapidly iterate on our solution to an incredibly ambitious problem.
Mariah O.
Head of Community at Schoolhouse

Bring your A-game with Coda.

Set yourself up for success with the all-in-one doc that helps you organize, plan, and get your work done. Educators can get a free Pro plan for as long as you’re teaching. That means unlimited doc size, version history, hidden pages, and powerful integrations for your Coda docs.

For administrators, we offer 80% off a Pro or Team plan for you and your colleagues, or a free Pro workspace for just yourself.


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