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Apply here for a school discount! For students and teachers, we offer free annual Pro plans. For students, teachers and administrators, we also offer 80% off of a Pro or Team workspace. To start, go to and record your workspace name. We'll need this to apply your discount. Note: This offer is available to new and existing customers and cannot be combined with another offer. Educational institutions (applying as one entity) are ineligible. Please contact our Sales team to discuss the best plan for your organization.
1. What is your first and last name?

2. Are you a student or teacher?
3. If you're a student, when is your expected graduation year?
Select "N/A" if not a student.
4. What is your school's website URL?
5. Do you have proof of your current student, teacher, or school staff status? If so, attach it below.
Proof must contain a date or school year, e.g. student/teacher ID or class registration details. If you're a student and your Coda login email ends in .edu, please share your graduation date.
Add file
6. What is your Coda login email address?
You need an active Coda account so that we can apply your discount. If your email address is not from an education domain (.edu, .k12) you will have to attach proof of student/teacher status (see previous question).
7. Which workspace would you like us to apply the discount to?
Discounts are applied to your workspace and not to your overall account. You can find your workspaces on the left side of the screen at
8. How many people are members in your workspace?
You can view a list of your workspace members by clicking on your workspace name from
9. Which discount do you want?
We offer free annual Coda Pro for current students and teachers. For students, teachers, and administrators, we also offer 80% off 1 year of either the Pro or Team plan—a great option if you want a discount that applies to an entire group. Perfect for extracurriculars like school clubs & study groups!
10. How did you find out about Coda?
11. Coda for EDU Terms and Conditions
Please review carefully the Terms and Conditions below.
Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read and agree to accept the terms and conditions linked to above, and, if you are agreeing on behalf of an entity, that you are authorized to accept such terms on behalf of the entity you represent.

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