Webinar series: Consolidate with Coda

Discover how Coda can simplify your workflow by consolidating your tools.

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Consolidate Confluence and Jira

The time for static wikis is over. Learn more about how to replace Confluence and reduce Jira licenses with Coda’s flexible surface and powerful features.

Consolidate Asana with Coda

Coda connects your tasks to your projects, knowledge, and collaboration. Learn how to consolidate from Asana to Coda for your task tracking needs and more.

Consolidate Notion with Coda

Join us to learn more about how you can leverage Coda’s powerful features to build an all-in-one doc that scales with your team on a friendlier pricing model.

Consolidate Airtable with Coda

Your team needs to connect more than data, to connect the dots. Our experts will guide you through importing your data from Airtable and maximizing the potential of Coda’s features.

Replace specialized apps with Coda

Overpaying for SaaS tools? Coda can replace hundreds of tools, including your product roadmapping, OKR, meeting polls, knowledge management apps, and more. Learn how Coda can help you replace long-tail applications and save on your software bill.
Coda connects your words, data and teams together - Zoom, Slack, Gmail and Salesforce logos.