Coda for marketing

If you’re leaning hard on sheets and tabs to coordinate campaigns and launches, you’re probably stressing about loose ends right this second. Teams use Coda docs to swing big and track every detail.

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Take a peek inside.

Coda comes with a set of building blocks to help your team keep it all together.

Extend your doc by customizing how it looks, works, and integrates.

Voting tables

Align the team, and make clear decisions you'll always have on-record.

Personalized views

Let everyone on your teams customize how they see shared information.

A few of the 50,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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Next-level teamwork.

Running your project on Coda means your table data is always synced, so your Trello-loving PM can update tasks in a card view, while your digital marketing strategist is updating in a table.
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my project

The doc for everyone.

Between wrangling vendors and managing distributed teams, there are more wildcards than ever in your day-to-day workflow. Coda’s got connected tables and views so everyone can work their way within a single source of truth.
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In about a day, I created a Coda doc that keeps our several internal marketing teams up-to-date on all of our activities. It’s been our living source of truth for two years now.
Mark Iafratte
Mark Iafrate
PMM & Partnerships at Intercom

Everyone can bring the tools they love.

With Packs and integrations via Zapier, you can connect your doc with the apps you already use. Plan, track and manage your Salesforce data in Coda with with the Salesforce Pack. Or have your doc schedule all your new hire onboarding sessions with one click via the Google Calendar Pack.

Choose from hundreds of Packs in our Gallery.

Coda is a leader in 10 different software categories thanks to our reviewers.

Come for strategic planning made easy. Stay for the flexibility of an all-in-one doc that does much more.
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S22 Leader Small Biz
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Templates: Your running start.

The fastest way get started is with pressure-tested templates from the Gallery. They're ready for you to pick up and use, and can easily be customized to work better for your team. Here are some of the templates from other great marketers:
Betterment's Launch Marketing Template
A doc that centralizes all aspects of a project from Betterment. From kickoff to marketing; this template is a growing repository of info about your project.
Content calendar template
A free content calendar template to make sure your content strategies and plans are executed on time in 2024. Track blog posts, podcast episodes, marketing campaigns, and more.
The 3 Hour (Remote) Brand Sprint
Adapting Google Venture's Brand Sprint methodology for a remote-first world.

Get started your way.

Ready to bring all of your campaign’s moving parts together into a single doc?


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