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May 2021

All the docs we can’t stop talking about.
Adults make a staggering . Because some choices are tougher than email-vs-meeting, we’re prioritizing those that affect the products, teams, company culture, and businesses we develop. And we’re fighting decision fatigue with focus on insights from the docs below.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments


by , Senior Director of Product at Uber

From Erin, Brand: In my opinion, this doc title is inaccurate. I actually think it holds the secret to better decisions, period. Mads’ mention of the if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority principle is true beyond product teams, and any brainstorm can trend toward the topics where sentiment already aligns. Starting in the middle—on the razor’s edge—encourages productive discussion and amplifies opinions that might not be heard otherwise. Highly recommend, especially if you appreciate some friendly debate.



by , CEO and Founder of

From Maria, Customer Education: Karina is one of those folks I’ve only met via our webinars, but her dedication, thoughtfulness, and creativity always blow me away. I love this template because it is a beautiful solution for freelancers making decisions based on their earnings, growth, and effectiveness.




From Teresa, Product: I’ve worked on product teams where I need to comb through Jira, docs, sheets, Slack, and email to gather a full understanding of a product’s lifecycle. This PRD template solves these challenges by establishing a central source of truth across teams and stages of the product. The decision log specifically stand out—I’m incredibly grateful for a single tool that ensures alignment and saves time by reminding everyone where the team landed last time.
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Trends in what’s trending.

According to the docs makers are publishing and reading in the Doc Gallery, we’re not the only ones pushing for thoughtful and intentional decisions.
- A comprehensive toolkit for making purchases (including a quiz!).
- Step-by-step instructions to recreate one of Google’s internal tools.
- An aptly-named doc that simplifies shipping.
- A template for writing your next pitch.
- How to calculate AMT and save yourself a visit from the IRS.

Lost and found.

De-stress your decision-making with a few templates that might not be in your rotation (yet).
- Capture a decision while it’s fresh.
- Broadcast your decisions.
- Kickstart discussions with this customizable set of prompts.
- Weigh-in on your options.
- Keep discussions on track.

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