Minimalist Teen's Guide to Shopping Sustainably

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The Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Shopping

Welcome to this guide to sustainable shopping, written by me, the Minimalist Teen!

✍️ A Brief Intro in 100 words!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Diana. She had everything a person could ever need but she wasn’t happy because she wanted more. One day, she learned about minimalism, which inspired her to let go of her things and live with less. After donating 90% of her belongings, she watched a documentary about consumerism in the fashion industry. She was shocked by the harmful effects shopping has on the planet and committed to changing her ways. Since she couldn’t stop shopping entirely, she decided to try living as sustainably and ethically as possible. Here’s what she’s learned!
But who exactly are you, Diana, the self-proclaimed “Minimalist Teen”? Tell me more about yourself! 👀
Hi there, I’m Diana Lim, a minimalist (surprise!) of three years and founder of .
When I first became a minimalist, my closet was comprised of seven white t-shirts, two pairs of blue jeans and three pairs of sneakers. With a few exceptions, I wore the same outfit every day––a self-imposed uniform of sorts. While this is no longer the case (I’ve discovered my interest in fashion and realized that minimalism and style are not mutually exclusive), everything I own contributes significant value to my life.
On I have written essays, led photo projects and shared my journey as a minimalist, vegan and teenager with hundreds of thousands of people (with the support of leaders of the modern minimalist movement––, , Courtney Carver from ).
As the Minimalist Teen, I love helping others realize the benefits of a minimalistic lifestyle and demonstrating that anyone can become a minimalist! If a nineteen-year-old female Gen-Zer (a member of the most consumption-driven demographic, at the center of the most consumerist culture of all time) can become a minimalist, you can too!
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💝 Why I Made This Doc

My minimalist lifestyle has prompted me to be extremely deliberate in my purchasing decisions since I want to make sure every item I own will add value to my life. My minimalist lifestyle has also prompted me to gift experiences, rather than physical items, to my loved ones––a thoughtful card, a musical performance, or a day spent cooking together is much more special than a bracelet or box of chocolates.
This doc is a gift to my father for his birthday. The idea stemmed from an experience he gifted me for my birthday––a day tasting vegan food throughout the Bay Area, plus a tour of Filoli. As we walked through the beautiful Filoli gardens, we discussed how––and why––I’ve tried to shop sustainably for the past few years. We also brainstormed some “S” shopping principles together (although we certainly didn’t come up with
). I made this doc to share with my dad a summary of my thoughts and research on shopping sustainably, as well as to help him live a more environmentally ethical and sustainable lifestyle.
As a member of one of the most consumption-driven generations, I feel obligated to educate others (especially my peers) on the consequences of their shopping habits, which is why I’m sharing my dad’s birthday present with the public. Happy birthday, Dad!
Here we are at the Bourn-Roth Estate, aka Filoli!

📋 What’s In this Doc

: Answers to some frequently asked questions about sustainable shopping.
: Principles (all starting with the letter “S”) for shopping sustainably.
: A 21-question-long quiz to help determine if you should buy a new piece of clothing!
: Seven mantras to keep in mind as you’re shopping. These should be in playing in the back of your head when you’re checking out!
: A list of sustainable clothing brands in my closet. Please do your own research and determine your own principles before buying!
: The top videos and articles that have been most valuable for me! I included specifics because it can be overwhelming to determine which resources to start with.
: Articles and videos for you to check out if you want to learn more about shopping sustainably! Plus some definitions to words commonly found in the sustainable-shopping space.

🤔 Why Read this Doc?

What is sustainable shopping?
Why should you shop sustainably?
How do you shop as sustainably as possible?
Read this doc to find out!

➡️ But what exactly is sustainable shopping? Here’s a brief overview: !

Hint: It’s an oxymoron! 🔁
😲 Did You Know: Synthetic fibers from clothing are the biggest source of in the ocean! ()

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