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How I track my freelance client income in a doc.
Hi there!
I created this doc a while ago to help track my freelance income from various clients, and it grew and developed as I learned coda better.
I will try and explain this as clearly as I can, but this is my first template so just if you have any questions.
And it should go without saying that all the data in here is false and for sampling only.
Start with , where you can list all your clients and various attributes about them. I have an interactive filter set to “current” clients, but you can use the Reset Control button to show all.
Next step is , where you can update the button to list all your current clients. I have an automation set (currently turned off) that creates a new grouping every Monday morning for all the clients listed here. Otherwise this view is grouped by week on the left and status on the top. I’ve put it at the bottom since I honestly don’t use it much, except to update the button.
The view you’ll need to use most often is the . There is a button here that creates a new daily grouping, and I have an automation set (currently turned off), that pushes that button every weekday morning. Like this it’s easy to just come here at the end of each day and log your daily billing by selecting the client from the lookup dropdown (it’s filtered to only show current clients) and then input the hours worked (or 1 if it’s a weekly rate). The rest of the calculation is all done for you.
The above feeds into many of the other views, but the one I check most frequently is the view. This shows me how much I’ve earned per week and is where I change the status from working to submitted and eventually to paid.
I then have multiple views that allow me to see the same data in different ways:
if I want to see what is currently owed to me:
if I want to see how much I earn by client per month:
if I want to see how much I earn by month across clients:
if I want to see total earnings per client:
if I want to see how much I earned per week:
and if I want to break up the above between direct clients:
and between Upwork clients:
I also created a template that allows me to invoice clients directly from here:
the main page allows you to filter by client and is set to pull in what’s in “working” status for that client and then total it up and have the current date set; all you need to do is add your payment and service info on top.
the page is where you add the emails to whom the invoice should be sent; once the emails have been added (and the gmail pack activated), you hit the top button (”push me for both buttons!), which will not only send the email but will also change the status of everything on that page to “submitted” (thereby clearing it from the view as well).

Hope you find this useful!
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