Decision memo

Capture a decision while it's fresh.
A decision has been made—great! But before you celebrate (and get to work), capture the details to provide stakeholders context about the choice you made and the steps prior.
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Give a brief overview of the decision for folks who don’t have time to read the rest of the memo.
We’re creating a thumb wrestling website that will allow people across the globe to compete against each other and follow along with the tournament bracket.
What is the broader context that your audience needs to be aware of?
We’ve held a thumb wrestling tournament for the past 20 years—this year we want to take it international.
What are the immediate problem or issue that requires a decision to be made?
Our previous tournaments have attracted a regional audience. However, our user research and social media data tells us that, if given the resources to participate, we could attract a global audience. Expanding the scope of the tournament would also further the reach of our company goals.
Options considered
Explain the set of options you considered. What are the pros and cons?
Option 1
Not have the tournament.

Option 2
Delay the tournament.
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Proposed decision
What's the proposed decision and why?
We’re developing a thumb wrestling website to allow people across the globe to compete against each other and follow along with the tournament bracket.
Prior to the tournament, we can track audience growth with sign-up data. After the tournament, we plan to send participants surveys asking for feedback on the tournament and the app’s user experience. From start to finish, we expect the project to take approximately two months and require support from Product, Design, and Engineering teams.

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