Justin’s Doc Launch Guide: How to build and share wildly popular docs

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Justin’s Doc Launch Guide: How to build and share wildly popular docs

Use Coda's Lightning Strike + Rolling Thunder strategy to build and launch your docs.
It’s time to bring your doc to life. On the left you’ll see a page list - each page is a different step in the process we frequently use at Coda to launch docs. Copy this doc and start planning your launch!
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Launch strategy: ⚡️ Lightning strike + ⛈ Rolling Thunder

The strategy has three main parts:
Peer review. Ask a set of reviewers to provide feedback on your doc.
The ⚡ strike. The lightning strike is the first big splash when you promote your published doc on social media and other channels. The handful of people you’ve asked to review your doc can help amplify.
⛈️ Rolling thunder: Over the coming weeks or months after the lightning strike, create and distribute evergreen “micro content” (GIFs, quotes, videos, etc.) that point to your published doc.

Launch Steps

Here are the steps you’ll follow to launch your doc:
Write the .
. Nailing the doc title helps identify the key promise the doc will offer readers and users.
. Write the future tweet for the doc launch. This is often helpful to do before building the doc to pull out the key insights you should build your doc around.
. Send a draft of the doc to a handful of people for a quick peer review. You can ask this same group to help amplify the doc launch.
and share it with the world!
Follow up with promotions.

For more best practices on promoting and distributing your doc, check out for partners.

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