Who knows Joe?

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Who knows Joe?

or Jessica or Guillermo or Amina or Latasha or Ryan or Chuck... who knows my candidate?

What is “Who knows Joe?”

I think it’s fair to say that interviewing candidates for jobs is by its nature somewhat flawed. Current interviewing practices give you but a brief glimpse into the candidate’s actual skills, knowledge, abilities, and behavioral traits.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to someone who actually knows your candidate? That person could give you real-world insight into your candidate’s ability to deal with people, handle ambiguity, solve complex problems, and make an impact over a prolonged period of time. Now, that’s recruiting 💰gold💰!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to someone
who actually knows your candidate?
This is where Who knows Joe? comes in. Who knows Joe? allows you to quickly and easily find all of the people in your organization who have overlapped at school or at work with your “Joe” (i.e., your candidate). I give you a simple, step-by-step, process for doing this with my tool. In fact, I’d recommend jumping over there right now. Seriously, go try it out in play mode and when you’re done playing... come back here!

A few important points...

Admittedly, using “Who knows Joe?” requires a bit of up front work. You’ll need to populate this doc’s base tables with employee, work, and school data for everyone in your organization.
I know what you’re thinking... how is that going to happen?
Don’t worry, I’ve included a separate crowdsourcing tool which makes data collection a breeze. It’s called
While there are a few ways to use , I would recommend setting up a demo of Who Knows Joe with your hiring teams, departments, or if possible, your entire organization. Demos give you the opportunity to demonstrate Who Knows Joe? and further discuss the potential return this tool will have on your recruiting outcomes, efficiency, and quality.
As an added benefit, demos give you a captive audience!
As an added benefit, demos give you a captive audience! There’s no better time to share the link to and get everyone to enter their work and school histories! Through crowdsourcing, you’ll have your base tables filled in no time!

You’re now ready to find out... Who Knows Joe!

Once all of that wonderful data is in Who Knows Joe? I’m confident that you’ll find that
... ahem... this doc will be a ⚡powerful⚡addition to your team’s recruiting toolbox.
So, what are you waiting for... Go to and follow the step-by-step instructions to find people in your org who just might know your “Joe.” 😁

Final thoughts...

Yes... I’m clearly a
I’d love to get suggestions for improvements or feature enhancements to Who Knows Joe? so please feel free email me ().
Also let me know if you ideas for new recruiting tools or If you’d like to learn how Coda can make a huge impact on your recruiting efforts and how you communicate with your clients.
So, If you’re sold on what Who Knows Joe? can do for your recruiting team, it’s time to
Copy this doc
and get started!

⚠️ Important settings to change ⚠️

Who Know Joe? uses templates to compose emails and slack messages which will be sent to your teammates. It is really important to change the settings for your company name and what you call yourselves in your company (we call ourselves “Codans”). Make these changes in the table on the page.

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