Coda for Research: Craft and Run Simple, Polished Studies (🌶 Mild Kit)

Coda for Research: Craft and Run Simple, Polished Studies (🌶 Mild Kit)

Design, run and synthesize research studies all in one place, learning how to do research in the process
What is the Research Study Kit Series?
Planning, executing, and sharing out findings for moderated studies can lead to a tangle of notes, spreadsheets, slides, and other artifacts—That’s where Coda can help!
The Research Study Kit Series lets you run the end-to-end moderated study workflow in Coda so you can spend more of your time on insights and actions from your research, and less time figuring out the research operations and logistics. The Mild Kit 🌶 is first in the series and is meant to get you started. Start by making a copy and customizing it for your first study!
☝️ While this study kit is free to explore, you’ll get the most out of it if you’re on a Pro plan because we’ve designed it with a load of hidden features and formulas to make it much more intuitive for you to use. So, if you’re seeing a notification about doc size, just ignore it for now.

What’s in the Mild 🌶️ Kit?
Define what assumptions to test and how you'll test them.
Create questions to ask during sessions.
Gather perspectives before beginning the study.

Track interviews and take notes on the same page.
Pull out useful nuggets of insight from your raw notes.
Finalize your report and share with stakeholders.

Multiple versions of this kit will be coming available for different levels of research practitioners
Mild 🌶️
New to user research and new to Coda?
This kit is for you! Keep research plans simple while streamlining work.

Medium 🌶️🌶️
A real pro at user research, but still new to Coda?
Dive into this one. Design, run and analyze the study end-to-end in one place with turnkey Coda templates to level up your research operations and work product.

This kit is being built by the Coda team now!
Spicy 🌶️🌶️🌶️
A user research master who is also using Coda on a regular basis?
Pick me! Automate participant scheduling, take timestamped notes and integrate your research synthesis across platforms.

This kit is being built by the Coda team now!
You’re currently on this version!

What’s Coda?
Coda is an all-in-one doc for your team’s unique processes — the rituals that help you succeed. Teams that use Coda get rid of hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, and even bespoke apps, to work quickly and clearly in one place. This template is a Coda doc. Click around to explore.
A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃‍♀️ on Coda.
Ready to get started? Let’s begin with
📣 If you were directed here through Coda on Coda, the kit shown in that video is the “Spicy Kit” which is still being worked on. Scroll down to read about the Research Kit Series Coda will be releasing.

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