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Triage Script

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Alternative Triage Script

Hi, is this _____? (response) My name is _____. I received your inquiry about a solar system for your property in SUBURB. (response) How’s it going? (response) Is this a good opportunity for a quick chat?


I’ll briefly explain how the program works, and then I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.
We put up a solar system for zero dollars - as you would have seen from the ad, there’s no upfront cost or any deposit required. From there, you would pay for the system over a 5 year period in instalments, and that’s using the savings from your electricity bill.
Basically what we’re aiming to do is divert what you’re already paying for electricity and put that back into solar system payments so you’re not out of pocket.
So that’s us in a nutshell - have you been looking into solar for a while?

Let them talk: figure out what’s held them back in the past, engage about the cost of electricity, what’s gotten them interested in solar, etc.

Deflect any questions they have about pricing, products, etc onto the specialist consultation.
Engage with them, let your personality come out, and help them feel like they can trust you.
If they’ve already gotten quotes, ask them what the quotes are (how big of a system and the cost). This helps your specialist gauge how we can be competitive.

How much are you paying for electricity at the moment? (be sure to ask if that’s per month or per quarter!)

If it’s around $100-150 per month, let them know that they’re around our cost-neutral threshold, and they’re unlikely to be excessively out of pocket.

If they’re paying less than the average, let them know that solar can still be a good option for them, but they may be a little bit out of pocket.
If they pay more than the average, let them know they’re in a good position for solar.

What sort of electric appliances are you using? How about gas appliances?


So there are two steps to the process with us: the first step is just a quick chat with me to see what questions I can answer. The second step is getting you booked for a phone consultation with one of our solar specialists. They’re the ones that look over your bills and see what might be suitable for your property.
So, if you’d like, I’m happy to go through some of the questions and get you set up with one of our specialists.

When going through the following questions, it’s often helpful to go through them as if they’re a checklist. You’ll want to be less engaged here, and more “getting through the list,” in order to not make your lead uncomfortable with more personal questions.

Great. So I have ADDRESS here. Is that correct?
What is your roof made out of? (Tiles, metal?)
Is your house a single or a double-story?
Are there any trees or anything that will cast shade over the roof?
Are you planning to stay in this house for at least five years?

If they’re not planning on staying in the house for at least five years, they may or may not get an actual savings out of their system before moving. However, a solar system will increase the value of their property when selling.

Explain this to them and see if they’re happy to proceed with the booking on that basis. If not, they Do Not Qualify (DNQ).
Examples of articles that explain value add:

So then as far as the rebates go...

5. How many people are living in the house at the moment?
Partner, family, kids? Get a gauge for whether or not there’s a partner in the house so you know to book them for an appointment together. If they mention a partner, this is a good opportunity to ask for their name. It is extremely important for both partners to be present for their consultation.
6. Is it just you on the title, or with PARTNER’S NAME?
7. Do you (or the two of you combined) earn less than $210,000 per year?
8. Do you and PARTNER’S NAME work full-time, part-time, self-employed?
9. Is there a council rates notice for the property?
10. Are you up to date on your tax returns?


Great! Based on all of this, you're eligible for the program. So when would be a good opportunity for you and PARTNER’S NAME to have a phone consultation?

Try to book within a 24-48 hour period. If they ask why both partners need to be there, let them know that it’s essential to have both homeowners present – it’s an extensive discussion, and there are usually good questions that may arise.

Great so I’ve booked you for ______ with CONSULTANT NAME. Before your appointment, CONSULTANT NAME will just want to take a look at a couple of documents, and it’s just what we’ve talked about before: a copy of your electricity bill, a copy of that rates notice, and a photo of your fuse box, with all the fuses and switches.

I’ll send you an email with all of this information as well. The email address I have for you is ______________. Is that correct? (response)
Great, I’ll send that through so you can have a read of our information.

I do want to let you know that there is no obligation, so if you and PARTNER do not want to proceed, that is totally fine, we can just part ways – however, if you’re happy and want to get started then, by all means, we can do an application for you.
So in terms of getting the solar, if all the numbers work out financially for you, is it something you’re wanting to move forward with straight away?
Perfect. I have you booked in at _______ with CONSULTANT NAME. I’ll give you a call that morning just to confirm, but otherwise you’re all set for your appointment on DATE/TIME.
Thanks, and have a great day!

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