Team Meeting Starter Kit for 2022

Meeting agenda templates for any type of meeting

Running better meetings might feel like an abstract goal, even when you have tools to guide your process. When we’re in need of some concrete inspiration, we turn to the companies and communities we admire to see how they design their meetings. And we can’t help incorporating their insightful, actionable toolkits and guides into our own processes.

But first, let’s start with a definition.

What is a meeting agenda?
A meeting agenda is a to-do list for your meeting, your meeting goals. And while they're not required, most productive meetings have them.

At Coda, we often kickoff meetings by crowdsourcing the agenda topics in real-time with a . With this simple ritual, we work to eliminate bias, support our remote team members, and collaboratively prioritize the topics that should be discussed first. And because it’s a table, we’re able to take notes alongside the discussion topics and action items for the next meeting (which makes for more organized meeting notes).

Why should your team use meeting templates?
With meeting templates, you never have to start from scratch. We’ve turned Coda’s most popular compositions of building blocks into time-saving templates and made them available inside your doc. And every Coda template is customizable so that you can make it fit your team’s needs.

Need something specific, like a meeting minutes template? You can always pull Coda’s building blocks together to structure your team’s processes with a .

9 meeting agenda templates and toolkits for more effective meetings
Below, you’ll find a collection of team meeting agenda templates and toolkits that we thinking will come in handy when designing any meeting, from board meetings and sales meetings to standup and scrum meetings—copy away.

You can find more meeting-related templates in the Explore panel or by typing /meeting in any doc.

Distributed team meeting agenda
As the CEO of a 100% distributed company, Wade Foster had to come up with unique ways to run his weekly staff meeting. Check out this template to see , including how he worked a pre-meeting health check into the agenda items.

SMART goals meeting template
In 2020, the Underscore VC team found themselves in the middle of what they call systems hell. As they found their way to a better place, they created a roadmap of templates for goal-setting, decision-making, weekly check-ins, and standing meetings. Use their template to .

Gamified meeting toolkit
This aptly named framework uses games to incentivize participation in meetings. And you don’t have to create the games on your own. This includes templates for 21 games to help you prep your meeting agenda, broaden ideas, prioritize ideas, and move toward a decision.

One-on-one meeting guide
Jessica Powell is a former Google VP and author of The Big Disruption: A Totally Fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story. And she’s captured her insights on successful employee-manager relationships in this . Managers, use this doc to 1) set expectations, 2) focus your 1:1 meeting agendas, and 3) connect short-term and long-term goals.

Brainstorm meeting template
Similar to the template we use for feedback meetings, this provides meeting attendees with a set of prompts to inspire ideas. With room for your agenda items and steps for adding new prompts, you can streamline your brainstorming session—and focus more on the new ideas and less on the structure needed to create them.

Inclusive meeting toolkit
At Coda, we believe that everyone’s voices matter. This describes the rituals we use to make sure everyone is heard, like sending out a pre-read and using a voting table to avoid bias. Copy the doc for a meeting agenda and Q&A combo.

Unbiased voting template
Meetings can move quickly. And even in a voting table, it’s sometimes overwhelming to see everyone else in the meeting contributing ideas. This removes the rush of the ideation process so that your team can add contribute to the meeting agenda at their own pace, without being influenced by others.

Meeting agenda etiquette guide
When transitioning to a distributed team, we asked ourselves what it meant to be polite in a digital workspace. And while we focus this guide on doc collaboration generally, the best practices we crowdsourced can certainly be applied to any meeting agenda. Use our to create a more convenient space for collaboration.

Timed presentations with Q&A
At Coda, is our weekly knowledge sharing meeting. We use strict time keeping so each presenter is able to get enough time to speak, and question voting per topic so folks in the large attendee list can all be heard.

Meeting template FAQ
What should I include in my meeting agenda?
The core of a meeting agenda is a group of discussion topics or tasks to accomplish during the meeting. Beyond that, the breadth of your agenda will depend on the meeting itself. If this a standing or informal meeting that you’ve had weekly for the past year, then your agenda may be an informal mix of old and new business. If you’re in a planning meeting or creating a board meeting agenda, your might include the purpose, goal, and guidelines of the meeting.

What tools can I use to make a meeting template?
We’re biased, but Coda is a great tool for your meeting templates. With pre-made structures like
and , you can create a tool for your meeting faster than someone can say “show of hands.” You can peruse these templates and 100+ others in the Explore panel or in the . Or !

What are minutes of a meeting?
The minutes of a meeting are the meeting notes you take. The note-taker should make sure meeting notes are detailed enough to inform stakeholders who weren’t in the meeting. Much like in your meeting follow-up email, headings and bulleted lists will serve you well—optimize your meeting minutes for scanability and clarity.

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