Guide to launching Coda with your team

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Launching Coda with your team.

Welcome to Coda, the flexible, all-in-one platform for business. This doc will guide you through launching Coda with teams at your company in a way that encourages adoption and ensures a smooth deployment. Think of this doc as your home base; you’ll use it as a hub to track this process. Once you’re ready to launch Coda, you’ll hide some of the setup pages, and this doc will become the company hub for your team. More to come on that—first, take a look at this intro video from Jen to get oriented.

In this doc, you’ll find the following:
Checklist for setting up this doc and launching Coda
Timeline, process, and resources for launching Coda with your team
Coda hub for your company
Curated learning resources that you can tweak for your team’s needs.
Resource pages

How to use this doc:

Start by pressing
Copy doc
to create your own company hub. Only one hub is needed per workspace.
Follow the buttons to the next page (which you can also find in the page list on the left) to complete each stage of the process.

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