Troubleshooting databases

Databases 101

8 lessons, 34 minutes

Practice with troubleshooting

In your companion doc, use your table from Translating from a spreadsheet (or the answer tables HERE):
  1. Run the Update troubleshooting test - is there an issue with updating information
    1. Do you have to update the same information in multiple places?
    2. Would a relation help?
  2. Test the Insert troubleshooting - is there an issue with adding new information?
    1. Could issues be solved with a relation?
    2. Would blank/isnotblank help?
    3. Do we have a correct hierarchy?
  3. Troubleshoot for Delete issues - when you delete something does everything work as intended?
    1. Could issues be solved with a relation?
    2. Would archiving be a better choice than deleting?


Tip: How to reference a row

Once you have your data in a table, you can use it anywhere! Even in the middle of a block of text. Learn how to create connections across your doc with references.

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Databases 101

Databases make your data accessible in different ways. In this course, you’ll learn all about how Coda docs help you view your data where, and how, you want.

8 lessons, 34 minutes total