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Databases 101

11 lessons, 26 minutes

Databases. They’re not just for engineers. Database is just a fancy word for a list of things and their attributes. In Excel, the smallest unit is a cell, hence why you'll find yourself calling on coordinates in your formulas. Since Coda is a database at heart, the smallest unit is a row. What this buys you is the ability to take all of the contextual details of an item with you, and you can drag and drop rows and columns around as you see fit. In this course you will learn how to:
  • Translate raw data into a database structure
  • Describe the benefits of a database
  • Identify and use common database patterns
  • Troubleshoot common database issues
Before your get started on the videos:
  1. Copy this companion doc. This is where you will do all of your practice activities.
  2. Be sure to log into Coda.


Tip: Importing data

Coda offers a bunch of importers that let you get started with your own data quickly.

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Databases 101

Databases make your data accessible in different ways. In this course, you’ll learn all about how Coda docs help you view your data where, and how, you want.

11 lessons, 26 minutes total

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