Database best practices

Databases 101

8 lessons, 34 minutes

Practice with best practices

In your companion doc, you’ll create a quick to-do list:
  1. Add a new page and title it Backend
  2. Type “/table” on this new page and name it Tasks
  3. Set the table up to have the following columns
    1. Task Name (this should be your display column)
    2. Due date (change the column type to date)
    3. Owner (this could be a text column type, but it really gets exciting if you make it a people type)
    4. Done (change the column type to a checkbox or toggle)
    5. Priority (change to a scale column type)
  4. Add some tasks
  5. Go back to the best practice page and type “/Tasks” to create a view of your Tasks table
  6. Name the view Incomplete Tasks and filter this view to show only incomplete tasks


Database patterns

Coda docs come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few database patterns that power that wide variety. Let’s explore them.

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Databases 101

Databases make your data accessible in different ways. In this course, you’ll learn all about how Coda docs help you view your data where, and how, you want.

8 lessons, 34 minutes total