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Coda for Google users

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In Coda, menus and settings are conveniently placed throughout the document rather than just at the top. While they may take some time to get used to, most of the settings you're familiar with in Google Docs/Sheets are also here.

Navigating menus in Coda

As you work within your document, you will come across various indicators signaling menus, settings, or features for you to explore. Keep an eye out for:

Arrows: left, right, up, and down

  • Expand information such as text on the canvas, the page list, or comments.
  • Access column settings to modify column types and utilize tools like wrap text, formatting, and freezing.

Three dots:

  • Access the doc title menu and page menus (including doc history in the doc title menu).
  • Adjust table settings.
  • Manage fonts and formatting.

Hover over the top of a table:

  • Reveals a range of table settings. Click on "Options" to find all necessary tools.

Top right navigation

  • Manage sharing permissions for your doc.
  • Insert and explore features.
  • Adjust doc settings and view statistics.
  • Provide comments, suggest changes, and receive feedback from AI.
  • Review notifications for this doc and others.
  • Access personal settings, view stats, adjust account settings, and enable dark mode.

Bottom right

  • Interact with the AI Chat to inquire about your doc, workspace, or general information.
  • Utilize the question mark icon to access learning resources and reach our support team.

Controls you're familiar with

You can employ all the familiar keyboard actions you're accustomed to. For instance, undo any errors with command/control Z, copy and paste tables, text, or entire rows as usual, and select multiple rows simultaneously using shift or command/control select. Explore additional keyboard shortcuts for enhanced efficiency.

The slash command

Once you know what you need, the Slash command becomes your go-to tool. Need bullet points? No problem. Creating a new table? Easy. Headers? Templates? AI assistant? You can accomplish all this and more with the Slash command. Just begin typing "/" followed by your request.


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