Coda forms for Google users

Coda for Google users

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Using Coda forms

When using Coda forms, responses are automatically stored in a table within a Coda doc for easy organization. With Google Forms, responses go directly into a Google Sheet after form creation.

In Coda, it's best to design the table to store information first and then create a form to enter that info. A Coda form is just another way to add new rows to a table.
You can view your data as it comes in, make it more dynamic with buttons, automations and Packs, and display it in various ways in your document. The data updates automatically, so there is no need to update in multiple places.

How to build your forms

Publishing your form allows you to collect info from those without access to your doc or a Coda account. To create a form, start by creating a table view and changing the display to a form. Alternatively, type "/form" into the canvas of your document to start from scratch. You can customize the form's appearance using the "Edit layout" options. Add descriptions and cover images, and change the overall look from there.

Add automations

With our automations, you can receive notifications for new submissions. Our forms aren't the most comprehensive survey tool but can still help populate data in your Coda docs.


Unlocking the power of Coda for Google users

Advanced Coda features to supercharge your docs.

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