Coda 101

9 lessons, 24 minutes

Learn about pages

Pages are portions of a doc dedicated to specific information— think of them like tabs in a spreadsheet. A Coda doc starts with a familiar blank page and can grow into many pages as a project evolves and needs change. Pages comprise the basic scaffolding of your doc. You can nest them inside one another. Reference them in formulas. Fold them up with collapsible content, jump around them with outlines, and frame each one with a header image.

Practice with pages

In your companion doc (you can find the original link here):
  1. Add some pages. A page for each teammate or each subsection is a good place to start.˙
  2. Add icons and change the names of your pages
  3. Add a subpage or three



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Coda 101

In Coda 101, we start simple by exploring the core building blocks of Coda and how they fit together.

9 lessons, 24 minutes total