Coda 101

9 lessons, 24 minutes

Learn about page options

Each page has a canvas that is at its essence a traditional word processing doc with headers and text. But a Coda doc goes beyond. Create collapsible lists, add cover images for your page, or even add a table between your text. You can even drag and drop your elements into columns with Coda’s page layout features.

Practice with page options

In your companion doc, go to Page options and adjust your visuals
  1. Header image
  2. Subtitle
  3. Font style



The commenting feature in Coda allows you to highlight pieces of your doc and allows you to mention your teammates on something you may be looking at specifically in your doc.

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Coda 101

In Coda 101, we start simple by exploring the core building blocks of Coda and how they fit together.

9 lessons, 24 minutes total