Connect your doc with Packs.
Packs are our version of integrations or plug-ins. They connect your doc to the apps you use every day, so you can pull live data in or push updates out automatically.
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Docs powered by Packs
The possibilities of Packs are infinite. Here are a couple jumping-off points.
Plan your week with the Google Calendar Pack
The next-best thing to controlling time? Organizing it. Pull your Google Calendars into a table, and start prioritizing.
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Jaime Hwacinski, Product @ Coda
Run your business with the Shopify Pack
No more unwieldy CSVs. Now you can manage inventory, add SKUs, and set new prices in Shopify—all from your doc.
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Wilson Silva, Analyst @ Bailey's Blossoms
Start your next project with the Jira Pack
This doc starts as a project brief and grows into a tracker, complete with all your Jira details.
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Lane Shackleton, Product @ Coda
Coda Packs
Google Calendar
See your events and create new events from your doc.
Send updates and reminders from your doc.
See your emails, and send new emails from your doc.
Manage products, customers, and orders.
Work with Jira Cloud Issues and Projects from your doc.
Manage conversations with customers and send replies.
Track your latest pull requests, issues and more in your doc.
Share designs in your doc with image previews and more.
Get your top songs and play music from your doc.
View articles from Wikipedia directly from your doc.
Generate barcodes.
Manage your posts and topics from your Discourse community.
Track your files and folders from in your doc.
Pull in personal information from an email address.
Google Natural Language
Categorize text, determine its sentiment, and find known entities.
Google Search Console
Pull in Google Search data about your website.
See the status of jobs, and add new prospects from your doc.
Retrieves title, author, and thumbnail from Instagram links.
Retrieve statistics for Major League Baseball.
Retrieve statistics for the National Basketball Association.
Get prices and more from a stock symbol. Powered by IEX.
Carry out common trigonometric calculations in Coda.
Send text messages directly from your doc.
Walmart Shopping
Pull in the prices, ratings, and more from a product.
See forecasts for any location. Powered by AccuWeather.
Embed a YouTube video in your doc.
Connect more apps with Zapier
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Um, what's Coda?
Coda is a new doc. It's kinda like Google docs meets Excel except you can build apps with it. With building blocks like tables and buttons, anyone can create a doc as powerful as an app.
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