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Coda for startups

A successful startup runs on efficiency. Coda is a flexible, buildable workhorse that can power every aspect of your business without draining the reserves. You can also apply for a $1,000 credit to get your startup started on Coda.

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The cure for software overload.
When you’re trying to make a startup go, every dollar counts. More often than not, software subscriptions quietly stack up and before you know it, they’re creating more drag than drive. With Coda on the job, you’ve got a single line item with a million possibilities. This super-flexible doc gives you the space and the tools to build solutions for product design and development, goals and project tracking, knowledge management, and whatever else you can think up to serve the growing needs of your company.
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Blueprints for success.
Just because you’re a startup doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Our is full of innovative playbooks published by some of the most inventive thinkers and makers out there. Docs like these are ready and waiting to be copied and applied to your business.
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Superhuman’s product market fit engine
Rahul Vohra
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How Square tackles tough decisions
Gokul Rajaram
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A manager’s guide to employee onboarding
Jessica Powell
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“Coda is super versatile allowing me to create multiple different workflows for different parts of our business. It’s much easier to onboard all stakeholders to one tool that does everything fairly well, instead of multiple tools that do different things amazingly.”
Mohsin, Director of Design at Sitetracker
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Stamps of approval.
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Your communication station.
Keeping stakeholders in the loop and cultivating potential investors requires a relentless output of thoughtfully communicated company vitals. That’s a big ask for a startup trying to get off the ground and manage day-to-day functions. But! Running your business on Coda means that everything from pitches to board meetings can live and work in a single doc.
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Plays nicely with the rest of your tools.
With Packs and integrations via , you can connect your doc with the other apps you use. Manage your storefront from your doc with the . Or have your doc send content marketing campaigns with the .
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A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃 on Coda.
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Ready, set…maybe read this first.
👉 Learn more about the Coda’s building blocks:
👉 Browse small business docs from real makers:
👉 Learn from our community of makers:
👉 Join a live discussion or catch a replay to see how others Coda:
Do you offer any help for startups?
Eligible startups can apply for a $1000 Coda credit for their workspace. . We also have a Discord community specifically for supporting startups using Coda. You can join
My IT team would like to know more about security and privacy
Coda was engineered for enterprises from the start, thanks to our founding team who built major systems at Microsoft and Google, and to our earliest users coming from multi-national corporations. We’ve worked hard to ensure Coda fits your enterprise systems with SSO and SAML 2.0 support and meets enterprise-level security standards with SOC 2 Type II, as well as GDPR and CCPA compliance. And we take privacy seriously: Data is encrypted at rest and in motion, protected by role, and audited by alerts. So your data is safe with us, and from us.
More details on our privacy and security stipulations can be found at .
Can you just make me a voting table please?
😄 Gladly. Just type /voting in any doc, or take a look at this copy-able template
How did you make this landing page?
It’s a published Coda doc! Learn more about publishing at .
Can you please show me how to use Coda for meetings?
You’re in luck! We host webinars on running meetings with Coda every few weeks. See the full schedule at
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