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October 2020

All the docs we can’t stop talking about
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied.
Behind every great team doc is a sharp insight. Sometimes these insights become formalized into templates, which are shared with the rest of the company. If we're lucky, they become published docs, which we can share with you. From launching features to engaging customers to streamlining workflows, we’re inspired by the the insights in the docs below—and the stories behind them.


by , Lead Program Manager at Spotify

From , Marketing: I have experienced (and endeavored to avoid) what Kamdyn calls “death by a thousand copy-pastes.” The way Kamdyn and team document rituals, teams, responsibilities, and asynchronous updates can help squads of any size and discipline stay aligned and moving forward confidently. I should knowーI’ve borrowed a few of them and loved it! Quick Tip: After reviewing the examples, be sure to scan through the ) to see how an entire single source of truth comes together.


by , Editor at Intercom

From , Support: I’m always trying to learn more ways to tackle inbound queries in a way that benefits both parties, and Zara’s doc breaks
. In this simple-but-powerful doc, a worksheet is included along with links to guides and articles for further reading. With great use of images and an effortless flow, Zara turns a worksheet and links to additional resources into a simple-but-powerful doc. Educational, digestible, and easy on the eyes; what’s not to love?


by , Senior Customer Support Manager at Webflow

, Engineering: Switching products can be hard, and making the most of a new environment can be harder. Launching our Notion Importer was the first step to easing the transition from Notion to Coda, but Ben Parker’s doc takes it a step further. If you’re looking to learn about the quirks of switching and the wonderful possibilities that await you, or just a highlight of the best of what Coda has to offer, look no further!


by , Technical Program Manager at Uber

From , Product Design: I’m constantly curious about what goes into developing features in the tools I love. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy this peek under the hood into Uber’s process for redesigning and releasing their driver app. As an added bonus, you can watch the makers themselves—Yixin and Yuhki—explain the app-like approach they took with their doc.
Want more docs? Explore our .

Trends in what’s trending.

The two popular docs below turn a mirror on 2020. And their reflections on the state of the world—via a tweet-turned-doc and a curated presentation of industry data—create a learning opportunity for us all.



by Jackie Xu and Alicia Lau


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...this from if you need some inspiration to carry you through the rest of the year, enjoy impressing others with your recitation skills, or just love a good word bank.
...this from if you find joy in campy television, absolutely know that Sun is Christina Aguilera, or simply live for a detailed (Emmy-winning) costume moment.
...this from if you consider yourself climate curious, wonder how to remove one trillion tons of CO2 from the air, or always find yourself talking about the world-saving properties of algae.

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