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An introduction to mining 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the air
We need to remove something like 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere put there by humans over the last century since burning fossil fuels for energy began. This task is the equivalent of disposing of 500 billion automobiles, where the planet only has just over one billion on the roads today.
This is an introduction to air mining for the climate curious ー read about why it needs to happen, what others are doing, and what's missing.
I wrote this guide to help out people getting interested in air mining, carbon removal, and direct air capture.
Pssst, are you here seeking a more meaningful career? Whether it’s carbon removal, climate more broadly, or just seeking greater purpose, Heidi Lim from Opus 12 recently published an article you should check out, . You can also tune into her inspiring interview on the (52 min)
Are you hooked? All about carbon removal? Check out , where you can find the AirMiners Accelerator, featuring carbon removal thought leaders, and the AirMiners community on Slack.

"OK I read all this stuff. What's next?”
🎓 : 4-weeks of “book club” style sessions alongside other people like you getting started in carbon removal
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Header image above: Climeworks Direct Air Capture plant. Credit: Climeworks / Julia Dunlop

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