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The Docket

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March 2022

Coda 3.0 is here—and so is a special edition of the Docket.
Coda 3.0 is the doc that brings it all together: words, data, teams, and the whole maker community. We took two years to level-up the experience of working in Coda and to give you the power to extend our core building blocks. Read the full story
, or the tl;dr below.
A rebuilt Coda editor: Side-by-side content and pages-in-tables for the flexibility of a true all-in-one doc.
An open Packs platform: Create that change how docs look, work, and integrate.
A marketplace: The has evolved into a marketplace for both free and paid offerings. with us through a revenue-share based or apply for our .
Hundreds of your most requested updates: From custom templates to dark mode to performance, we’ve shipped a steady stream of .

This month’s Docket is a special celebration of the new features, stories, and building blocks that comprise Coda 3.0. We’re also raising a toast live in and at our in Austin, TX—hope you’ll join us.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs and Packs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
and more docs and Packs in our Gallery.
Skyflow’s V2MOM framework.png


by , Co-founder and CEO at Skyflow

From Ryan, Sales operations: Skyflow’s take on Salesforce’s goal-setting process, V2MOM, turns what is essentially a write-up into a series of interactive dashboards (a great use of the new page layouts). If you’re looking to help your company set meaningful goals and create instructions on how to work backward to get there, this is the doc for you.

Rethinking Google’s LaunchCal.png


by , VP of Product at OpenSea

From Vidhya, Product: Having worked on several large teams at Google for a decade, I’ve seen firsthand how Google’s LaunchCal streamlined the stakeholder approval process. Shiva’s interpretation of this powerful tool uses Coda’s new canvas column feature to tidy and centralize approvals in a single place, making it easy for all stakeholders to review different aspects of the launch. The best part about this doc is that it works for companies of all sizes—a big productivity win for everyone!

Automate your CRM.png


by , Managing Partner at VMG Cinematic

From Carrie, Sales development: I really value reporting capabilities in a CRM to analyze data that my sales teams can take action on, but it’s not always easy to do. If you use Copper, copy this doc and then add the to take your CRM data to the next level. You can slice and dice your data any way you want and gather actionable insights for your teams. And the automatons? 👌 With this doc-Pack combo, sending weekly updates on opportunities and target accounts has never been easier.

Trends in what’s trending: Packs edition.

The Gallery’s not just for docs anymore. With 3.0, built and published by the maker community, too.
: Explore and automate your Copper CRM data inside Coda.
: A user research platform designed to be built on.
: The simplest way to create forms for free.
: Complex diagrams and flowcharts made easy.
: Manage your memberships, products, subscribers, and sales.

Just (dragged-and-) dropped.

Try our new time-saving templates, featuring the latest 3.0 features—page layouts and canvas columns.
: A dashboard of progress.
: One doc to track (and draft) all of your content.
: An easy-to-understand hierarchy of tasks for your team.
: The only table your meeting needs.
: A beautiful shortcut for your next job search.

You can find all of our drag-and-drop templates in your Insert Panel or with the / command.

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