Simple Trip Planner to capture & organize all your research

Simple Trip Planner to capture & organize all your research

Clip and keep all your online research in one place as you plan for your next vacation. Comes with auto-airport lookup feature. Share this with friends and family so they can suggest ideas and help with planning. (Last updated 5 April, 2021)

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Start by making a copy of this doc and renaming it. Quickly scan the doc, then once you’re ready to start planning your own trip, remove all the sample data, delete all the buttons and text in this section, and click
at the top right of this page to invite others to help you plan your trip. Create a new copy each time you take a new trip.

Trip planner for
Grad Trip 2021 to NYC

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Make sure to add each leg of a trip to this planner, including a few details about each new destination you’re planning to visit—including where you’re going to, when you’d like to depart, and when you’d like to arrive.

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