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June 2022

Docs that help achieve goals.
Don’t look now, but we’re halfway through 2022. We’re deeming June the new January—a perfect mid-year checkpoint to revisit all of those work and life goals. And we’re highlighting a collection of docs to help recommit to the ambitious projects that were so eagerly penciled into calendars and to-do lists six months ago.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
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by , Co-founder and CEO at Coda

From Trustin, Solutions: Collaborating with Shishir on this doc showed me a new side of Inbox Zero—it’s not a zero-sum game. Like Shishir, I find motivation in the positive mental and physical impacts of keeping my inbox organized. Keeping that inspiration in mind, I use the doc’s gamification to start each month with an empty inbox. And then I do my best to keep up the streak.



by , Founder at Write of Passage

From Joe, Sales: Throughout the last few years, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to bettering myself professionally and personally. David’s doc is the perfect framework for planning, tracking, and visualizing my progress. Thanks to the time-chunked three-month sprints, I’ve found myself less distracted and more motivated to achieve my goals.



by , CEO at Skillshare

From Alison, Support: We've been inundated with work-from-home articles over the past few years, and frankly, the pajama bottoms, Zoom-from-your-couch jokes have me tired. Remote work isn't going anywhere for many companies. We have to adapt our rituals if we want our teams to stay as keyed-in as in an office setting. As a manager, this doc gave concrete ways to structure authentic, meaningful cadences for my reports while continuing the remote life.



by , Head of Music Product and Engineering at Twitch

From Andrea, Demand Gen: SEO is a cross-functional discipline, and I get to work with colleagues from across teams—from engineering to content development to web design. Working with a diverse group of people is one of my favorite things about my role, but it also poses challenges in ensuring that we're all working towards the same goals and on the same timeline. This doc makes it easy to link each contributor's work directly to our SEO OKRs, no matter which team the contributor is on.
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Trends in what’s trending.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Here are five docs from our Gallery that will help you avoid obstacles.
: The OG of GTD outlines the system to capture, clarify, organize, and reflect on your goals.
: Objectives and key results (OKRs) are the secret to success for companies like Google and Netflix.
: Plan your bucket list vacation with stops at the top attractions, restaurants, and shows.
: Channel your inner barista with recipes that will teach you to pour the perfect cup.
: When the bass drum hits the same foot kicks—and syncs to your custom dashboard.

Lost and found.

A set of templates to help you turn goals into reality.
: A framework for setting realistic, measurable goals.
: Embrace the power of rituals by reflecting on what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day.
: Short moments of deep-focus + consistent breaks = productivity.
: Stay aligned and focused across an entire organization.
: Customizable prompts that promote goal-focused conversations.

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...this doc from if you have the itch to hit the road, backpack America’s great national parks, or triple-check that Walley World will be open when you arrive.
...this doc from if you seek knowledge of the beautiful game, prep for the World Cup, or need a hundred excuses to yell, GOAL!

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