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GTD® by David Allen

The GTD (Getting Things Done) system was created by productivity consultant David Allen. This template gives you the ability to apply the GTD system to your own life.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done (GTD) is one of the most popular productivity systems created by productivity consultant David Allen. It’s a very effective system for clearing your mind of all ideas and tasks so you can focus on the things that deserve your attention, which in turn allows you to do your best work and get more done.

GTD’s central concept of capturing everything into a trusted system has the potential to revolutionize your life. Implementing GTD can bring order to the chaos of your work and personal life as everything gets filed orderly into your trusted system. You can stop responding to emergencies and putting out fires.

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This GTD Template

Unlike other PDFs and spreadsheets, this template captures the spirit of the GTD system by taking the GTD framework and visualizing it as a doc on your desktop browser or as an app on your phone. You can:
all actionable/non-actionable items
the next actions on your items
your next actions by context
on your system once per week
with your next actions
To learn more about Getting Things Done, see the GTD website


Add all ideas, to-dos, and items in the

2️⃣ Decide if the item is actionable or not in the
section, and write the next action associated with that item.

3️⃣ Add a context and an optional due date or project for your next actions in the

4️⃣ Get to work on your items in the
section, and
on your system once per week.

Table of Contents

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