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June 2021

New in June: Drag & drop templates 馃搼 ,mention to share 馃棧, copy without comments & authors 馃Ч, and more 馃帀.
Multi-page templates.gif
If you spend a lot of time in Coda docs, you know templates as re-usable compositions of building blocks. But before today, there was one building block they never included: Pages. Cue the latest drag-and-drop template update. Now you can a drag-and-drop template that has multiple pages and pull it into wherever you鈥檙e working. Give your views their own space. Nest your raw data or reference material. Then drop it (all) anywhere.


Thank you for sharing.
In the name of efficiency (and maybe even sanity), we鈥檝e consolidated actions and made it easier to . Mentioning someone to share permissions means you can skip taking the long way, and invite teammates in with a simple @ or email address.

PRD-21006-Launch-052521-Remove comments & authors on copy_800x600.gif
A fresh start for copied docs.
If a doc鈥檚 comment history does not spark joy, why keep it? with a simple toggle and your doc copies will officially be free of excess baggage.

Login successful.
Re-authentication is a speed bump we want to avoid when we can. This time we鈥檝e smoothed out the flow for copying Cross-doc tables. With this update, we鈥檒l instead of asking you to sign in anytime you鈥檙e pasting a table to which you have access.

Small things considered.

馃椇 Get even more out of Coda: We鈥檝e updated our website navigation so you and your collaborators can find the 鈥渇eatures outside the doc鈥 that will add new insights to your work.
鈩 Format with a better view: The paragraph style picker is now smaller so you can see more of your doc while you鈥檙e making it perfect.
馃挜 Supercharge your startup: is packed with resources for our startup family out there.
馃寛 Get colorful: Inspired by Pride but living well beyond the month of June, our rainbow conditional formatting is here to stay.
馃帹 Bring the full spectrum to card views: Thanks to a tipoff from the community, we brought the full range of available colors to card views.
馃悶 Squash those bugs: This month, we fixed some issues related to forms, including one that was storing lookup values as plain text by mistake.

Introducing the Coda Doctorate.

For those looking to achieve expert-level Coda skills, we鈥檙e now accepting applications for the inaugural class of our Doctorate program. This is a five-week, asynchronous, self-paced learning program designed to support motivated makers in growing their doc building skills. Interested? Find out more and about the Doctorate and how to apply

Procrastination corner.

And the award for spending the most time in Excel without accomplishing anything work-related goes to .
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