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Doctorate Application

Use this doc to apply to the Coda Doctorate Program
We’re excited to have you apply the the Coda Doctorate Program!

What is it?

The Coda Doctorate is a five-week, self-paced learning program designed to support motivated makers in growing their doc building skills. If you’ve completed all the videos in and want to become a better builder, you’re a great candidate for the Doctorate.
Throughout the program, participants will have their own workbook with video lessons, written materials, lab exercises and assignments. They will be able to interact with each other in a community, and attend office hours with Coda Educator, Maria Marquis and other Coda staff.

Course Curriculum

The Doctorate program uses app design principles to uncover our potential to be skilled Coda makers. The program covers the following topics:
Week 1 - Doc Interface Design
The program begins with a deep dive into User Interface design principles to ensure every doc you build is pleasing to look at and delightful to use.
Week 2 - Doc Database Design
The best Coda docs are intentionally designed from the ground up. In this week we focus on out to organize your data to keep your docs optimized and streamlined.
Week 3 - The Coda Formula Language
In this week, we will take a deep dive into the Coda formulas, how they work, and how to troubleshoot issues when they arise.
Week 4 - Doc User Experience Design
In this week, we return to the user to ensure that our docs are perfectly built for everyone - no matter what type of access they have.
Week 5 - Capstone Project

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Do I need to know how to code to be part of the program?

No coding required! You should have familiarized yourself with the videos in the doc.

How much does the Doctorate program cost?

It’s free!

What is the schedule?

Most of the program is self-paced so you can work at your own pace and hours. We do host weekly office hours, but if you can’t attend in person you can still submit your questions ahead of time to have them get answered.
When does the Doctorate program begin?
Our first cohort is underway and another cycle will be starting soon.
Where can I learn more about why the program exists?
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