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June 2021

All the docs we can’t stop talking about.
We believe in designing a meeting like you would a product, with intentionality around the audience and outcomes. This month, we’re reflecting on how our favorite meeting design rituals—from pre-mortems to defined cadences to decision-making frameworks—contribute to a meeting culture that influences how (and how well) we spend our time.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
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by , CEO at Lucid Meetings

From , Customers: As we adjusted to remote work over the past year, many of us shifted our meeting habits...and have possibly clung on to some that no longer serve us. We scheduled more meetings to have more face-time, then scaled back to prevent Zoom fatigue. It’s a balance that easily tips without careful awareness. This doc from Elise Keith is basically magic. It acts as both a guide and a tool to help your team launch an intentional meeting redesign. Check it out to see how you can spend your time in meetings for the most returned value—whatever that means for your team!



by , Product Manager at Stripe

From Chris, Engineering: The Pre-mortem: A framework for identifying and addressing problems ahead of a launch instead of scrambling to fix them after the fact. Not only does this doc help ensure your team has smoother product launches, but it also ensures everyone has a voice in the process through a system that encourages participation and psychological safety. Really a win-win template that I can’t recommend enough!

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by , CEO and co-founder of Coda

, Go-to-market: We always say you should design your meetings like you design a product, and the same goes for running companies. This is a detailed account for how one of the world’s fastest growing businesses grew during our period of max q — going from millions in revenue to billions. I find myself regularly reaching back to some of the techniques or processes we setup then to help other companies scale.

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by , Founder of Amplify

From , Operations: Returning to the workplace is on everyone's mind. But, what will that actually look like? How will face-to-face collaboration be different? Lars Schmidt has done the research for us and compiled plans from other companies, toolkits, and thought leadership into a single doc. I hope you find it helpful as you navigate through this planning process.
Learn more about how Coda can . And if you want more docs, explore our .

Trends in what’s trending.

Much like our reflections on meeting culture, this month’s top docs from the Doc Gallery highlight a desire to work, make, and live better. And our willingness to look for support in our efforts.
- A project to track and learn from different back-to-office plans.
- An up-to-date insight of salaries in Australia. Anyone want to make one for the U.S.?
- An engineer’s insight into designing Coda’s custom template feature.
- A template for tracking your own remote and office productivity.
- A doc to help build and scale consumer software products.

Lost and found.

Five time-tested templates to balance your stand-ups, add value to your one-on-ones, and shake up your all-hands.
- Sending follow-up meeting notes just got a little easier.
- Never show up to a meeting unprepared again.
- Show some love to your teammates.
- Connect your team with Zoom-powered water cooler chats.
- A framework to defang feedback.

Find these templates and more in your Explore panel or with the / command.

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