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August 2020

All the docs we can’t stop talking about.
August has been an eventful month for us at Coda, and it’s not over yet. So we’re scaling our impact. We’re working smarter and harder. And we’re streamlining our personal productivity. Here are a few docs we’re currently sourcing for insights:


by , Head of Research at Thumbtack

, Sales and Success: I’ve worked with some brilliant UX Research teams who’ve put so much effort into collecting data and gleaning amazing insights. It kills me when they struggle to share these research “nuggets” across the company. Instead of spending many hours with an engineer to build a custom research portal website, Erik decided to make one himself—in Coda.


by , Brian Devaney, , and of Underscore VC

From , Marketing: People will tell you they love your work but it takes a doc to prove it! I love how our friends at Underscore VC have used Coda to create a “systems heaven." It's easy to keep track of weekly updates and stay on track with Slack automations, but my favorite part is how Underscore uses Coda to create spaces for human interaction with Pulses and Dorys. They've used the drag-and-drop templates to bring the virtual office to life so we can thrive—not just survive—while working remotely.

⚙️ Product Operating Rhythm

by , Head of Product Strategy at Pinterest

From , Product: Product teams constantly juggle helping set a strategy and roadmap, motivating a team, and driving execution towards launch. What I like about Phil’s doc is his scaled process—similar to one we recently used to clarify alignment on every step of a project. With a team charter that outlines the group’s shared goals and principles, Phil addresses a foundational step too often overlooked before jumping into specific teams goals, such as OKRs. And he transitions each goal into a Team Calendar, creating a communication forcing function to keep the team on track.


by , Former Founder/CEO Latent Space

From , Engineering: I don’t take notes as often as I should, but this doc just might be the inspiration I need! David’s journal template takes note-taking to the next level. Not only does it integrate your calendar into your journal, but it also makes it easy to create action items. Just write TODO(2 days, Andrew) publish blog post in your notes, and the doc will autogenerate a task due in 2 days and assign it to Andrew. It’s magical!
Want more docs? Explore our .

Trends in what’s trending.

We all have habits. This month’s popular docs explore how those habits push us toward our goals in every day life—from homework to meetings.



by Sal Khan, CEO and founder of Khan Academy


An inside look at how Figma ships productーa “documentary”

A single source of truth holds incredible power for teams—at Coda and Figma alike. We’re captivated by Figma VP of Product Yuhki Yamashita’s strategy to keep Figma’s design, engineering, and product teams' eyes on the road(map). And honestly we can’t stop quoting gems, like “Process is a product in and of itself.”

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...this from if you go out of your way to crunch a leaf, already crave Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or have a friend that looks exactly like Joey from Friends.
...this from if you are an aspiring doodler, have a love-hate relationship with procrastination, or desperately need the motivation to finish the paint-by-numbers Mona Lisa you’ve had in your closet since Christmas.
...this from if you just found out where Mocha Joe buys his beans, are in the middle of a heated standoff with your Keurig, or have always been curious about the recommended ice-to-coffee ratio.

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