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30 Day Creativity Practice
Procrastination for creative endeavors can be sneaky.

We might say that we don't have enough time, while the subtext actually is: "I won't be good at it which will somehow prove I lack talent" or "I don't enjoy doing something I'm not good at from the start." Some people might have a leg up on creativity depending on any number of factors, but talent comes from practice.

I created this doc because - no surprise here - I struggle with this constantly. I have a long bucket-list of creative endeavors, but when I have free time I tend to fall back on activities within my comfort zone. (For me, that's crocheting the same patterns while binging Netflix. 💁)

So let's say you have 20 minutes a day that you can spare to learning a new skill. Follow these steps in order to get this set up!

1️⃣ What do you want to learn? (List as many things as you'd like.)

Add Idea
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2️⃣ Now pick one thing from the list.
30 Days of...
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3️⃣ What day do you want to start?
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4️⃣ What are the daily components to this?
Expand for some examples
I want to get better at guitar, so each day I need to:
Run through X number of scales
Play yesterday's song (excluding day 1)
Pick one new song to learn in full
I want to get better at drawing. I've decided to draw native birds, so each day I will draw each of these views of a new species:

Add Components
Daily Task (Limit 1 per row)
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5️⃣ For each of these tasks, add the reason.
(Ex. Is it important to do? Does it make you happy?)
Daily Task (Limit 1 per row)
Why should you do this daily?
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⭐️ Ready to start?

Let's Go!

P.S. If you need to clear the data for any reason, just head to
and push the button to clear rows, then head back here to rebuild through the steps.

Cover photo by fellow Codan Jessica Park
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